2020 Board Positions

2020 Board Position Descriptions and Candidate Biographies


  • Responsibilities-Serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the corporation’s registered agent. Oversees and coordinates all activities of the FCCA Board and the functions of the organization. This position is non-voting except to break a tie vote. Acts as an Officer of the organization for financial and statutory purposes. Also serves as Chair of the Executive Committee (officers of the board).
  • Qualifications-Long standing interest in the arts, experience serving on board or in leadership role in a non-profit, for-profit or government organization. Corporate business and financial management experience are desired.

Candidate—Matt Williams

I have seen the power that art has to educate, inspire and heal and want to use my professional experience and apply it to something I am passionate about (Art) and help FCCA grow into the future.


    • Born and raised in Fredericksburg/Stafford
    • After college I moved to Northern Virginia for about 20 years before returning to the Fredericksburg/Stafford area in 2007
    • Graduate of the University of Mary Washington (1987)
    • M.B.A. from Averett University


    • Director, Standards & Project Management for a trade association in Washington, D.C.
    • Manage National & International Projects where diverse groups of stakeholders must agree on technical and safety issues for consumer products.
    • Serve as an Advisor to Department of Commerce on Technical Barriers to Trade
    • Trained facilitator
    • Trained in LEAN Principles (Continuous Improvement)

Art Related

    • FCCA member
    • Photographer, Digital Art & Mixed Media Artist
    • Huge supporter of FXBG Art & Artist


  • Responsibilities-Prepares budgets, pays bills, deposits money received, maintains financial records and coordinates processing of all income and expenditures. Prepares and submits required federal, state and local government reports. Correspondence with benefactors. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee. (See appendix F: Comprehensive duties.)
  • Qualifications-Basic familiarity with retail sales, banking, budgeting, accounting, and bookkeeping procedures. Experience keeping records using QuickBooks or similar software.

Candidate—Lee Owens

I was born March 16, 1943 in Chicago IL. My family moved to Garden City, NY in 1949 and I spent my school years there. After graduating from Garden City High School in 1961 I attended Syracuse University graduating in 1965 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Business. Upon graduation, I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force. I spent 10 years in the Air Force serving initially as a Communications Officer and later as Site Commander, Chief of Maintenance for the largest communications Squadron in Germany. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Officer and Chief of the Social Action Office at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. During my service I obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Ball State University. I was honorably discharged in 1975 and entered the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at Ball State University campus in Muncie IN. I graduated in 1977 and began work as a Psychologist at the Gallahue Mental Health Center of Community Hospital of Indianapolis. I worked there for 10 years as an outpatient psychologist and served 2 years as the head of the Psychology Section of the Hospital. I also served as the President of the Indiana Mental Health Counselors Association during this period and was awarded the Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award in 1981. I was Treasurer for the Indiana Counselors Association for 2 years during this period as well. I was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Mental Health Counselors Association in 1986 and served 2 years on this national board.

In 1989 I moved to Virginia and entered private practice with the Metropolitan Psychiatric Group. I spent 11 years with the practice providing outpatient psychological treatment to adults in Maryland and served for 2 years as the Clinical Director of the Clinton Family and Child Center. In January 2000, I began work as the Key Group Coordinator for the Maryland Division of Magellan Behavioral Health involved in managing group mental health practices serving Care First members in Maryland and Northern Virginia. I later became the Network Director of the Magellan Care Management Center in Maryland. During the time with Magellan I continued to work in private practice in the Annapolis area on a part time basis.

During this time, my wife, who is also a psychologist, had established her individual practice which I assisted her with by maintaining the financial aspects of her practice. Working with a bookkeeper, I became familiar with QuickBooks and later took over full responsibility for maintaining her books when the bookkeeper closer her business. I began using QuickBooks for our personal finances shortly after the bookkeeper set up her books and have continued to use QuickBooks for the last 15 years for both our personal and business accounting. Following my wife’s retirement, she began working as an artist and we set up a new company for the art business. Since then I have become familiar with establishing and filing sales taxes for Maryland, Virginia and Florida where she has had sales of her art work.

Since moving to Fredericksburg in 2012, I have been active with the Stafford Post 290 of the American Legion and have served as Adjutant for 2 years. I also volunteer time there supporting their bingo program which provides funding to support scholarships for local high school students as well as sending deserving students to Boys State of Virginia. I have also volunteered time to teaching and leading Tai Chi classes at Fall Run Community.

I believe my leadership skills work with non-profit boards and familiarity with establishing and maintaining QuickBooks business accounts can be of use to FCCA and I would be willing to assume responsibility of being Treasurer for FCCA.


  • Responsibilities-Prepares and keep minutes of official meeting of the Board and keeps files of committee meeting minutes and official corporation documents. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Qualifications-Command of the English language; note taking, word processing, filing and organizational skills and experience.

Candidate—Lois Walko

I was born in Chicago and grew up on Long Island in New York. I attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook when the campus first opened in 1965. After graduating, I married and moved to Virginia and have lived here ever since. When my three children were young, I volunteered with the PTA, AAUW and the local Friends of the Library group. In 1986 I worked in a local preschool for two years and then moved to a job in the local public library system. I worked my way up the paraprofessional ladder to become Head of Circulation at a branch library in 1995. I lived in Leesburg for forty-one years and moved to Fredericksburg upon retiring in 2015.

I was introduced to FCCA through my sister-in-law who is an artist and I have attended a number of First Friday events when she has had artwork hanging in an exhibit. I enjoy art despite having no talent in that area.
My library background gives me a good sense of how to organize and I have been working on doing just that for the last two years at FCCA. I have enjoyed my 2 years on the Board and would like to continue in this position.


  • Qualifications-Project management, teaching or assistant teaching experience, preferable teaching art. Good organizational and writing skills.

Candidate—Laural Koons

Laural Koons is an artist residing in Fredericksburg, VA. After receiving her B.S. in Commercial Interior Design with an emphasis in Studio Art from Texas Christian University in 1986, she moved back to Virginia to start a family and illustration business. Her studio produced pen and ink renderings, floor plans for local builders and home portraits for 15 years. In 2001, Laural changed pace to assist her family’s relocation appraisal business. After the retirement of her mother in 2010, her family closed the business and she has been focusing on her art ever since.

Laural has been highly involved in the community through HFFI’s Candlelight Tour, Virginia Historic Garden Week, various local garden clubs and business advertising. In addition, she has donated multiple pieces of her art for silent auctions to benefit local charity organizations.

On their small farm, Laural and her husband raised two children. Both girls continued their education and currently reside in Texas. Laural continues to produce art from her local Fredericksburg studio and maintain her community involvement.


  • Responsibilities-The President or executive committee may assign specific duties as needed to the Member at Large.
  • Qualifications-Works well to achieve goals with little supervision and direction.

Candidate—Becky Carpenter

An art teacher for sixteen years and now a full-time artist and photographer, I began my visual arts journey in North Carolina after graduating from Appalachian State University. As a military spouse, I was blessed to travel around the country where I could teach, create, learn and grow as an artist. Along the way I earned a Master’s degree in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. And an Associate of Applied Science degree from Northern Virginia Community College in Photography and Media.

As an educator, I helped children and teens develop their creative skills and become stronger visual artists. As a portrait photographer, I work with my clients to create unique photo sessions that incorporate their personalities. As a fine artist, I love to play with materials and my studio is always overflowing with projects in various states and a variety of paint and collage mediums. As a photographer, I love to be outside capturing real life OR in my studio creating “surreal like” on my computer.

Currently I am working on four series. The series I’ve created for this show is titled “Metamorphosis”. As I was photographing models in a vintage 70’s bohemian gauze dress in various outdoor locations, I started seeing connections to the flying patterns of butterflies. As an avid landscape photography and lover of butterflies in general, I began to study butterflies. I continued to see patterns and connections between women and butterflies, and the series was born. Began as strictly a photographic journey, I used mixed media to create a more three-dimensional experience. The second series I’m photographing is “Abandoned Spaces – The Light withing the Darkness. I hope that I am helping to tell stories through light and shadow of the many places abandoned in America. The third is a mixed-media series incorporating photography, collage and sculpture of abstracted landscapes. I’m exploring frozen seconds to long exposures, playing with textures visually and tactically, and creating abstracted seasons of color, line, shape and texture. Fourth is a fine art photographic series looking at the duality of forms in various environments.

When I’m not using my camera, paints, collage materials or pencils, I hope I’m outside doing something fun. My husband and I love to ski, scuba dive, bike, hike and kayak. Our daughter, Kat, also a very creative person, is a hair stylist in Philly. Based now in Maryland, we’ve loved all the places we’ve lived and still love to travel.


  • Responsibilities-Oversees maintenance, restoration, alteration and improvements to the FCCA building and grounds including the equipment and furnishings. Works with the grants and Fundraising chair to apply for building restoration and modification grants and serves as project manager for any funded project affecting the building or grounds.
  • Qualifications-Experience repairing and maintaining buildings and overseeing building and grounds construction or improvement projects.

Candidate—Cedric Harrison, Jr.

Cedric Harrison, Jr. is an artist local to Fredericksburg, Virginia. He has lived all over the country, and as a veteran, served in many locations around the world. He is self-taught and works in all mediums, predominately in charcoal, graphite, and pastel. Cedric is interested in learning and continually studies draughtsmanship, composition and color theory.

Cedric is available to complete commissions including portrait drawings and paintings. He is also available for lessons or instruction upon request. Follow him on Instagram @Cedric.Harrison.Art or feel free to contact him at cedric.harrison.art@gmail.com.

Cedric works as a facilities manager and has overseen several construction projects. He has a wide range of experience and is interested in our building because of its age.


  • Responsibilities-Manages and promotes FCCA publicity, its mission and events through personal contact, advertising, website and social media. To include but not limited to the following:
    • Coordination with all members of the publicity team (newsletter, mailchimp, website coordinator, etc…) for optimum exposure for FCCA.
    • Coordination and correspondence with Curator of Frederick Gallery, Members Gallery, CBTC Coordinator, and Arts Education Chairperson for publicity of each department’s events and exhibits (Call for Entries, Promotion of exhibits, etc…)
    • Active and responsive on all FCCA social media
    • Recording and arranging the recording and video of First Friday Juror Talks and uploading to social media through FCCA YouTube channel.
    • Photograph and upload sneak peeks of exhibits to social media before Frist Friday
    • Photographing or arranging the photographing of First Friday events at FCCA and uploading to social media outlets.

Candidate—Olivia Sanderson

Olivia Sanderson is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington, with a degree in Studio Arts/Art History and a minor in Museum Studies. During her studies, she interned at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA, and learned the art of framing and artwork conservation working at a local gallery for several years. Olivia has been a featured artist at several galleries/event centers in Northern Virginia, including Frame Designs Gallery, Adventure Brewing Co., Gallery VC, Art Mart, and the UMW Galleries.

Olivia Sanderson believes that the most important aspect of being an artist is not just creating art, but creating a body of work that serves a higher purpose for both the artist and viewer. Olivia has a passion for mentoring young artists in the community, and frequently volunteers for fundraising and other local non-profit events focused on fostering an interest in the arts locally.


  • Responsibilities-Preserves documentation for FCCA events and exhibits through written materials, scrapbooks, photos and videos. Collects current brochures and written materials, takes photos, organized and maintains storage for preserved materials and maintains an up-to-date index for locating preserved materials.
  • Qualifications-General clerical, archive or library experience. Good organizational skills.

Candidate—Rebecca Tyrrell

Rebecca Tyrrell grew up in Woodbridge, VA and has lived in Fredericksburg since 2012. She has a BFA from the Art Institute of Washington and majored in 3D animation, but has found since graduation that she’s more attuned to the fiber arts. She’s an accomplished knitter, decent crocheter and moderately passable as a weaver. She has been a docent at the FCCA since January 2019.

She loves to travel to historical places and take photographs, and recently took a (second) trip to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, Virginia. Having a love for history, architectural details and old buildings, her dream is to one day own, live in, and maintain a historical home. She has a website (attheendofmyyarn.com) which she uses to chronicle her fiber projects and techniques.