Instructor: Allen Wood Reamer

Allen Reamer was fortunate to be born into a long line of artists. He has also been fortunate to know what he wanted to do at a young age and to be able to do it. He received a B.A. in art and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in sculpture. His post-graduate work is in art history and education. Allen developed and taught a great variety of studio art and art history courses for thirty-two years before moving to Arizona. During this time he was the president of a state art education association for ten years and very active for a decade with the National Art Education Association. He has been a member or chair of a number of art related boards and has gratefully been recognized in a variety of ways including art teacher of the year, a fellowship to China, letters from President Clinton and a number of other elected officials, plus selling his paintings.

Since moving to Arizona in 1999, he has been able to produce art and teach art history and studio art from the moment he arrived. Allen teaches for Arizona State University and a number of other educational institutions and art organizations.
He exhibits with his friends in the Neu Art Group in Arizona.