Members’ Gallery: February 2019

Marilyn J. Hayes

Temple of Day and Night, work by Marilyn J. Hayes (MG: February 2019)

Artsist Statement: The Flow of Nature

The visible features of nature – mountains, water and trees have been and have been an inspiration for the work that I have exhibited together with Jane Forth at FCCA in past years. My work has been influenced by my travel to Crete, Scotland and other places. For some time, I have been interested in the invisible flow and force of nature. Recently, I began to consider the effects of movement and flow in natures of natural energy in the world around me. As a result, this year I was inspired to represent that energy in my work.

During the last year I have been focused on the interconnectedness and circular flow of natural energy and its impact on us. As a result, I began to explore nature’s invisible impact. I studied the impact of this energy on features of nature and on us. The encaustic monotypes that I am exhibiting this year examine my experience of the invisible and constant flow of energy in nature. I represent the movements in strong color. The energy is represented in the strong colors that are typical of my work. My intention is to directly transfer the power of the energy and directly to the viewer.

Biography: Marilyn Hayes lives in Arlington, VA and for many years has had a second home in Madison County, VA. She is a student of nature, myth, spirituality and the divine feminine. These life passions are reflected in her work. She has exhibited her work in Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, DC; Arlington, Sperryville and Washington, VA.

Circle of Nature, work by Marilyn J. Hayes (MG: February 2019)

Mother Tree, work by Marilyn J. Hayes (MG: February 2019)

Jane Forth

Winter Flowers, work by Jane Forth (MG: February 2019)

Artist Statement: The Flow of Nature

Within the compelling sights of nature is a beginning in painting and in this current work several themes of flowers, trees and atmospheric vistas have become subjects. This 2019 exhibit, “The Flow of Nature” is a second exhibit at FCCA Members’ Gallery in which Marilyn Hayes and I have exhibited as a duo-show. We believe our work shares a complimentary aesthetic expression that is abstracted, coloristic work of subjects of the natural world and we invite you to experience our exhibit in this way.

There is a harmony of color inspired by study of the natural seasons that in painting becomes thinking about the contrasts of cool and warm like yellow-green or blue-green or resonating opposites like orange and blue and how much depth the addition of dark values add. The medium of molten beeswax has a very natural relationship with a creative state of thinking and through a process of brushing, pouring and carving; abstraction of color and form becomes recognizable as representation. Sometimes lengthy revisions and lucky accidents lead to discovery and often a melting of an entire surface and repainting it in numerous successions brings resolution and sense of rest. In completion, the process itself is that which builds depth and luster of the painted wax surface.

Poplar, work by Jane Forth (MG: February 2019)

Biography: Jane Forth lives in rural Virginia where the natural world of mountain springs and wildlife populate the hollow in which she lives. She is a frequent exhibitor at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and also exhibits in Rappahannock County as well as Washington DC.
Her encaustics have been exhibited in New York, Santa Fe, Provincetown, MA and in California.


Mountain Path, work by Jane Forth (MG: February 2019)