Member’s Gallery: April 2018

Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Peacock Throne, work by Sally Rhone-Kubarek (MG: April 2018)

Artist Statement

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with possibilities, and in the art world there are many. Mediums, and the many ways they can be used to make a statement, are hard to resist. I love them all. I work happily in one for a time only to wake up one day and decide to try another approach. Subject matter can also change. The medium may decide the content. This is true when working with acrylic pouring. You pour, you tilt, you direct paint flow and then you wait to see what has been created. Identifying and titling the result is an exciting challenge.

Chocolate Strawberries and Powdered Sugar, work by Sally Rhone-Kubarek (MG: April 2018)


Sally Rhone-Kubarek has been attempting to make art from the age of 2 when her mother discovered she could draw copies of the pictures she saw. Her formal education began with early art classes, high school classes, Syracuse University College of Fine Arts, followed by many workshops throughout the many years and countries of her life’s journey. Born into a military family, she moved constantly during her childhood years. This was followed by 38 years of following her husband from country to country. When he retired, Fredericksburg became home, and Sally worked hard to become a part of the exceptional art community here.

Striking Gold, work by Sally Rhone-Kubarek (MG: April 2018)

Darlene Wilkinson

String of Time, work by Darlene Wilkinson (MG: April 2018)

Artist's Statement

I always felt art was something that linked our essence with our physical being. Whatever I express in my work—ideas, memories, emotions, feelings—I express in subtle ways through color, form, symbols, relationships or contrasts. These things seduce our attention through a silent language that we all speak.

I’m an intuitive artist so the art comes not only from what I’ve learned but the weaving of the boundless energy and emotion of my life itself. I believe in only putting out positive art, which is shown in the energy of these creations.

The connective field of energy that I believe surrounds everything finds its way into my work through overlapping planes, transparent images and intermingling colors. The works assume a meditative nature that translates as timeless yet ephemeral. My ideas come from my life, and I often don't know how a painting will develop. The concept of "place" having "being" intrigues me. Like the layering that happens in my work—light, atmosphere, time, space and events all imprint their energy into place, so that each encounter with it evokes a sense mystery.

Movement, work by Darlene Wilkinson (MG: April 2018)

The Flowering Bloom, work by Darlene Wilkinson (MG: April 2018)