Members’ Gallery Exhibitions

Current Exhibition:

David G. Boyd and Shelia Jones


Marcia Chaves and Marilyn Hayes

August 2017: Vicki Wilson
July 2017: Long, Weldon, and Habina
June 2017: Whitmore, Maraffio, O’Leary
May 2017: Kubarek and Forth
April 2017: Richards, Stout, and Brat
March 2017: Gaillot and Owens
February 2017: Works by Hinrichs, Canby, and Murray
January 2017: Crockett and Pritchard
December 2016: Holiday Show
November 2016: Robyn Ryan
October 2016: Cullar and Varela
September 2016: Jones and Moss
August 2016: Abell and Abell
July 2016: Habina and Shepard
June 2016: Brat and Cramer
January 2012: Eric May
February 2012: Hubert Jackson
March 2012: Steven Walker
April 2012: Deborah Herndon
May 2012: Linda Rose Larochelle
June 2012: Susan Lenz
July 2012: Shirley Whelan
August 2012: Sandra Treggett
September 2012: Leslie Brier
October 2012: Maura Harrison
November 2012: Patte Ormsby