Teresa Blatt and Pamela Moniz

March 2024 Members' Gallery Duo Exhibition

March '24 Member's Gallery Exhibition

Teresa Blatt

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Teresa Blatt of North Hills, CA, has been an artist member of the FCCA since 2010. She has shown her work in Frederick Gallery exhibitions and Members’ Gallery Holiday Shows, winning numerous awards and selling her unique photo mixed media collages. Her work has appeared in galleries and juried exhibitions throughout the United States. She has donated numerous small works to the FCCA Little Free Art Gallery, where her unique prints are quickly collected by locals and tourists who pass through our garden.

Teresa writes, "A retired office secretary, I became an artist in 2000 as a new way to celebrate life and retrain my cognitive skills in recovery from chemo-brain. At first I sewed abstract cloth banners like little quilts, inspired by words and phrases of poetry. I also made cloth flowers and two Emily Dickinson rag dolls. On a whim, I began photographing shadows, reflections, sunbeams, my garden, and other ubiquitous subjects.

Then after attending a mime performance by Marcel Marceau on his last American tour, I began staging my photographs in paper collage like mime on paper. I Xerox the working copies of my photographs to cut and mount on watercolor paper and seal with Mod Podge. I‘ve also made a few black-and-white collages after learning that the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was known for his cut silhouette designs.

My shadow characters, who seem to me like spirits captured and made visible, have evolved to include color, texture, costume and design, addressing themes of joy, grief, healing and whimsy. People in the literary, theater, music and medical arts collect my work and I use it in outreach to cancer survivors and others.

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All sales proceeds are being donated by the artist to the FCCA Art Outreach Program and the FCCA Building Fund.

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Pamela Moniz

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Pamela Moniz is the artist/owner of Two Left Feet Studios. She has always been creative, learning to crochet by the age of 5 with the help of her maternal grandmother. She became skilled at sewing at an early age (also learned from her grandmother) and later created clothing for her children as well as renaissance costumes.

Pamela has woven baskets, spun wool and spent many hours weaving on an 8-harness loom, one of many she has owned over the past 30 years. She has tried her hand at painting and, most recently, blacksmithing.

Pamela dances all styles of ballroom and spent some time teaching in Virginia with her dance partner. Her favorite students were soldiers who claimed they had “two left feet”. The company name is a tribute to that experience as well as an acknowledgement to her “lefty” father, whose own brand of creativity inspires her daily.

Pamela writes that "Two Left Feet Studios grew out of a need to express myself and contribute positively and productively during a period of change and challenge. I began to work with my favorite medium, wool, and soon found that it offered me a way to express my feelings by acknowledging all of the amazing, positive people I have met in character form. Each piece starts with raw sheep wool, shaping it with the help of a single barbed needle. Pieces take between 8 and 40 hours to create and each is unique. I began to incorporate clay and wood as well as metals and soon Two Left Feet Studios was born."