Members’ Gallery Schedule

September 2021:

Lasting Alure of Paint–Part 2

  • Exhibit Opens:  August 28
  • Exhibit Closes:  September 24
  • Entries Deadline:  August 7
  • Jurying: August 9
  • Notifications: August 10
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, August 28
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Friday, September 24
This juried show is reserved for painters – oil, acrylic, watercolors, etc.  The judges will select three artists and each artist can display between 10 to 12 hanging pieces of their favorite art.



October 2021:

Artistic Expression

  • Exhibit Opens:  September 25
  • Exhibit Closes:  October 29
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, September 25
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Friday, October 29


The Members’ Gallery at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts is pleased to announce the juror’s selection for the October 2021 show:  Artistic Expression.  The judge selected Team Women’s Eyes. 

Congratulations to team members Penny A Parrish, Sue Henderson, Fritzi Newton, Lee Cochrane and Norma Woodward.  This is an incredibly talented and creative group of photographers and promises to be a one of the most artistically engaging exhibits FCCA has to offer this year.

November 2021:

Travel Photography

  • Exhibit Opens:  October 30
  • Exhibit Closes:  November 26
  • Entries Deadline:  October 5
  • Jurying: October 7
    Notifications: October 9
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, October 30
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Friday, November 26


Travel photography is a genre that captures images from the combination of portrait, street, culture, food, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, etc., all designed to share moments in time from different cultures, an alternate way of life, and varied geographical locations from around the country or globe.


December 2021: 

Holiday Show

  • Exhibit Opens:  November 27
  • Exhibit Closes: January 21
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, November 27
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Friday, January 21
This is our traditional December show.  All members of FCCA are encouraged to provide three pieces of art to display for the month.