Members’ Gallery Schedule

April 2021:

The Lasting Alure of Paint – Part 1

  • Exhibit Opens:  March 27
  • Exhibit Closes:  April 30
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, March 27
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, May 1
Featuring works by Bob Worthy


May 2021:

Paper and Threads

  • Exhibit Opens:  May 1
  • Exhibit Closes:  May 28
  • Entries Deadline:  April 9
  • Jurying: April 12
  • Notifications: April 13
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, May 1
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, May 29
This show is reserved for those who create art working primarily with paper or threads.  The judges will select three artists and each artist can display between 10 to 12 pieces of their work.


June 2021:

Digital Creations

  • Exhibit Opens:  May 29
  • Exhibit Closes:  June 25
  • Entries Deadline:  May 8
  • Jurying: May 10
  • Notifications: May 11
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, May 29
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, June 26
With the advent of affordable digital devices and increasingly sophisticated software applications, artists are using their remarkable imagination to create spectacular pieces of art.  The judges will select three artists to display between 10 to 12 hanging pieces of their favorite art.


July 2021:

Three-D / Mixed Media

  • Exhibit Opens:  June 26
  • Exhibit Closes:  July 30
  • Entries Deadline:  June 4
  • Jurying: June 7
  • Notifications: June 8
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, June 26
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, July 31
Three-dimensional and Mixed Media art takes many forms, requires incredible skill and is both stunningly beautiful and imaginative.  In 2021, we will hold a juried show exhibiting the works of three artists.  The judges will select the three artists and each artist can display between 10 to 12 pieces of their favorite works.

August 2021:

Drawing and Sketches

  • Exhibit Opens:  July 31
  • Exhibit Closes:  August 27
  • Entries Deadline:  July 6th
  • Jurying: July 8
  • Notifications: July 10
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, July 31
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, August 28
Drawings take many forms – graphite, pencil, pen and ink, inked brushes, wax color pencils, crayons, charcoals, pastels, markers, etc. – and captures a multitude of topics.  This show is reserved for exhibiting the works of three artists to display their drawings.  Judges will select the three artists and each artist can display between 10 to 12 hanging pieces of their work.

September 2021:

Lasting Alure of Paint–Part 2

  • Exhibit Opens:  August 28
  • Exhibit Closes:  September 24
  • Entries Deadline:  August 7
  • Jurying: August 9
  • Notifications: August 10
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, August 28
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, September 25
This juried show is reserved for painters – oil, acrylic, watercolors, etc.  The judges will select three artists and each artist can display between 10 to 12 hanging pieces of their favorite art.





October 2021:

Artistic Expression

  • Exhibit Opens:  September 25
  • Exhibit Closes:  October 29
  • Entries Deadline:  April 6
  • Jurying: April 9
    Notifications: April 10
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, September 25
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, October 30


This show is designed to provide gallery viewers a visual display of how the artist’s unique perspective concludes in finished art representing their distinctive vision.


(1) This is a team show and photographers must form their own teams.

(2) Each team will consist of five photographers.

(3) Each team will select six subjects of their choosing (e.g., bridges, objects, settings, humans, buildings, animals, landscape, etc.) to photograph.

(4) Each team member will photograph the same subject selected by the team.


For example, if the team selects a specific barn for one of their subjects, part of the show will include five images of that barn – one from each photographer demonstrating their distinctive photographic perspective.  If another subject is a specific waterfall, the show will include five images of that waterfall, again, one from each photographer.


(5) The show will consist of 30 images: five images of each of the six selected subjects – one image per photographer per subject. 

November 2021:

Collaborative Art

  • Exhibit Opens:  October 30
  • Exhibit Closes:  November 26
  • Entries Deadline:  October 5
  • Jurying: October 7
    Notifications: October 9
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, October 30
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, November 27


An endearing characteristic of artists is their willingness to share ideas, techniques, and an abundance of encouragement.

(1) This show is for pairs of artists, one creating art with a digital device (camera, phone, computer, tablet, etc.) and the other artist creating art with a non-digital artform (paints, ink, paper, threads, 3D, etc.).

(2) The pairs will work together by selecting a topic (scene, object, person, animal, etc.) and create their individual interpretation of the selected topic.

(3) There is room for up to 18 pairs artists for the show.  A judge will select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


December 2021: 

Holiday Show

  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, November 27
  • Exhibit Takedown:  TBD
This is our traditional December show.  All members of FCCA are encouraged to provide three pieces of art to display for the month.