Members Gallery: August 2020


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Artist Statement—To give meaning and power to attributes of life that we may take for granted. To be able to accentuate characters, events, and ideas, to such an extent, that it can change the way people perceive it forever. That ability is only possible with art, and that’s why I have dedicated myself to pursuing this beloved magic.

Much of my art depicts the world in how I see it. How inherently beautiful both people and nature are, and how every life is perfect. I have been raised alongside so many wonderful cultures and traditions, and I happily embrace all of them. In my art, I hope that people can see the intrinsic beauty that can only be conveyed without words.

Through an abundance of symbolism and subtle references, I allude to mythologies, fables, and even current events. Giving people the ability to learn, understand, and feel more from the painting each time they look at it.

I’ve been mastering my art form for decades, and being able to translate my thoughts and feelings onto paper, has become somewhat second nature to me. Now, I focus on what messages I wish to convey, and what feels like the most impactful way to tell it. Therefore, I continue to paint with a brush and canvas, so that I can continue to refine my work, and focus on more complex features of my art for now.

Biography—Bachelor of Fine Arts Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY

My career included years in the Fashion Industry as an Illustrator, technical artist
and designer. Moved to Virginia made career changes working as a Visual
Coordinator for the Furniture Industry. I reside in Fredericksburg VA

My work has been exhibited at Hill Center Galleries, UUFF Gallery, Mississippi State
Gallery, Torpedo Factory, and Bath House Media Cultural Center

Daughters of the Dust, work by Tronja Anglero (MG: August 2020)
Work by Tronja Anglero (MG: August 2020)