Members’ Gallery: July 2013

Lorie McCown

I can not remember a time when I did not, or was not, interested in making art. My influences are broad. I love children's illustration, ethnic and ancient art, the Impressionists and landscape art. Books and music play an enormous part in my creative process. I love ancient civilizations and history in general. I am interested in context as well as content when looking at and making art. Organic forms and the ebb and flow of our spiritual life are great influences on my work.

My art quilts take a closer look into the extra ordinary in the ordinary. In my work, I use the everyday landscapes, scenes, elements, that we all see, pass by and witness as a base for eliciting a sense of the infinite and the beautiful. I am amazed and inspired by things as simple as stones, leaves and water. The everyday color and mood of these seemingly small scenes influences my work both in the concept and completion of pieces which invoke feelings, and elemental responses to it.

Encroachment III, a quilt by Lorie McCown (MG: July 2013)