Members’ Gallery: February 2020

Kathy Noel

Red Converse by Kathy Noel (MG: February 2020)

My vision is to create images that are visually pleasing, evoke a mood or feeling, bring forth a memory, tell a story, or in some other way connect with the viewer. I hope to take the viewer to places they may remember and others they hope to travel to.
I think my strong point is my ability to “see” and create images from our surroundings that others don’t see. For instance, my photo “Winter Birch” looks like it was taken in the woods but it was taken on the edge of a parking lot surrounded by tennis courts and houses in my neighborhood. I also like to take pictures that are just for fun and contain a bit of my sense of humor like my image “Miss Dolly” and my converse tennis shoe series.

I am heavily influenced by photo journalism and many of my images feature random people and events bringing to life a cultural and social life style that are relevant and thought provoking.

I like to take advantage of the digital “darkroom” and will many times give my photos an artistic quality by simply applying a filter to total digital manipulation. There is nothing I won’t try. If I don’t like it, I delete it. With my photography I attempt to show the viewer my world as I see it.

Serenity on a Sunny Afternoon by Kathy Noel (MG: February 2020)

Van Anderson

Work by Van Anderson (MG: February 2020)

My life has gone from a place of darkness to a new life in color. An artist shows their true self through their craft and I am always working outside of my comfort zone to better my techniques and craft.

I am a man with strong preferences for the bright and boldness in colors. It is my hope to share color and positive energy through my art with the world and to help make it a better place.

I like to work with a range of mediums including acrylics, alcohol ink and watercolor, painting most anything to create my pieces. My work evolves during the process and I hope that the viewer will find their own imagery in my pieces.

Please enjoy!

Facebook: @ArtbyVanAnderson and @DarbytownArt
Studio: Darbytown Art Studio
241 Charles Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Work by Van Anderson (MG: February 2020)