Members’ Gallery: October 2015

Carol Baker

Out of Darkness by Carol Baker (MG: October 2015)

Artist's Statement—Art to me is an outward representation of inner expression. I have worked in most media. I love to experiment with mixed media and textures. I travel a lot and am always inspired by visiting galleries in the areas I visit. I do not have a degree in fine art but I have taken classes at Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., from Virginia Commonwealth University and from some pretty amazing artists in Taos, New Mexico, Hawaii and other various locations in the lower 48. I prefer to follow my own drummer, which is why I am calling this exhibit ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW.

I am not a plein air painter but I love to create imaginary landscapes using many layers of color and texture. Acrylic is my medium of choice because of its fast drying qualities and versatility. Often times there are figures hidden in the completed canvas. My goal as an artist is to create new view.

Joseph Maddox

Moonlight Bay by Joseph Maddox (MG: October 2015)

Artist's' Statement—Despite training in and managing a full service photography/video/graphics studio for a government agency, I have always been interested in the artistic aspect of photography.

I had my own darkroom and experimented will all sorts of film and processes. As with most photographers, I was fascinated with Ansel Adams. His methods of composition are legendary and his patient setup of what appear to be instant shots are the stuff of legend. But what struck me most is his most famous photo, “Moonrise”, was taken is a very short time before conditions changed. All his previous knowledge and experience came together with the perfect moment to take his best shot.

From that realization on, and the increased ease of digital photography, I simply see the photo in my mind and snap the shutter. Photoshop is the new darkroom but frankly I do not do much except make the picture work for canvas prints