Members’ Gallery: August 2022

Carlos Drake Moore || Video Walk-Through

Statement—Nina Simone said “It’s the Artists Duty to Reflect on the Times”. Reflections of What’s Going On is my Schiztistic Introspection of the Past, Present and Future images as I interpret them and present this reality. The journey I share with you is my Reflection of how I’ve seen, see and glance into our future. Mankind without vision shall perish yet many insist upon not looking at what’s directly in front of us. We must acknowledge the paths we’ve taken, the trails we are currently on and what road the future presents. There is still time remaining for us to change our destiny but it will require a Reflection of What’s Going On and a conscious effort to change for our betterment.

Biography—Born in Cleveland, OH
Benedictine Class of 75
BS Education-Central St. University-OH 82
MA Art Ed-Miami University-OH 83

Work experiences include Hospital Aide in a state psychiatric facility WRPHC. 1.5yrs EMT/FF for CSUFD 3.5 yrs Teaching folio includes LD/ED/SBH at PEP-Positive Education Program Cleve. Oh 3yrs Lab School of Washington LD Gifted 3yrs John J Wright-ED 1yr Chancellor High-Art 29yrs Chancellor Middle-Tech Ed 2yrs Learning should be fun. Teaching should be fun. I strive to create an environment conducive for learning. Once that is accomplished, then learning can occur and we can find joy in it. I know I have done well when I witness the spark in the eye of a child that let’s me know when we succeed together or when an adult returns with their children and tells me that I was a Teacher that made a difference in their life. So I continue upon this educational journey of creativity and helping others. It’s not over yet…

Of the Horizon, work by Carlos Drake Moore (MG: August 2022)
Chief Sunset, work by Carlos Drake Moore (MG: August 2022)
Do I Stand Alone?, work by Carlos Drake Moore (MG: August 2022)