Members’ Gallery: November 2018

The Wonder of Wander

Karie Anderson

October's Fortune, photography by Karie Anderson (MG: November 2018)

Artist's Statement—In an age where technology evolves daily, trepidation over quality, inspired photography being absorbed into the mainstream has become the primary influence behind my work.

A photographer must harness the light; task the shadows and toil to express perspective. Telling the secrets and moods of my subject matter and sharing that wonder is what I endeavor to achieve with my photography. There is beauty in all elements of life and that is what I strive to deliver to my audience.

Work by Kerrie Anderson (MG: November 2018)

Work by Karie Anderson (MG: November 2018)

Biography—Karie’s path to professional photography originally started as a hobby when she was a young adult. Early on, she fell in love with the works of Ansel Adams and Philip Hyde, which fueled her desire to learn the manual aspects of her camera and develop better composition skills.

Life experience has served as Karie’s primary instructor as a photographer. She recently graduated from the New York Institute of Photography ‘s Professional Photographer Course. She shoots with both Canon and Nikon equipment, specializing in travel and nature photography.

In 2016, Karie established her photography business, now known as Karie Anderson Photography. She has been an artist in several juried, local shows and a vendor at several art fairs in the Northern Neck of Virginia and Southern Maryland.

Crimson Threshold photography by Karie Anderson (MG: November 2018)

“It is my intention to present, through the medium of photography, intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.” ~ Ansel Adams

Laura O'Leary

The Other Side, photograph by Laura O'Leary (MG: November 2018)

Artist Statement: Hi! I am Laura O’Leary. Taking pictures has been part of my entire life. I have always had a camera in my hand from the moment I could remember and started taking pictures with an SLR camera when I was 9 years old. I have always loved to take pictures of just about everything. My love of nature and outdoor activities has always been a passion since I was very young. Traveling to new places, seeing what new things I could discover and explore has always been fun for me. So when Karie Anderson and I figured out that we both had this in common with our photography art work then the theme “Wonder of Wander” was born! In this exhibit my fine art photography will focus on intimate nature surroundings and abstract nature photography. The world around us is so beautiful, full of so many moments whizzing past us so fast. Sometimes the things we least expect can be the loveliest things on this earth and if you blink you might miss the moment completely. Especially these days where everything seems to be rushed. I think it is important to slow down and just simply enjoy the things around us. When I wander around on hikes, I photograph sometimes the smallest things that others seem to step over and miss completely. I also sometimes wait on a dock for light and air to change just slightly for that perfect moment so I can create an abstract photograph that I can capture correctly in my camera at that very moment. This is a process that takes a lot of practice, patience, and vision. These images that you will see in this exhibit, some images you could probably tell right away what they are and some images will have you keep guessing "What is that?", but all of them are natural images photographed directly from the environment that they reside or a moment that happened in real time. Please come join us this November to explore the “Wonder of Wander” Member’s Gallery Exhibition. Come enjoy the natural surrounding photography AND
See if you can guess what the abstract photographs truly are that I have exhibited in this show.

See you at the FCCA Members’ Gallery “Wonder of Wander” Exhibition!
Smiles, Laura.

Elsa, photograph by Laura O'Leary (MG: November 2018)

Artist Biography: Laura has been taking photos with an SLR camera since she was 9 years old. Laura graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Drexel University. While at Drexel U, Laura also studied black and white film photography, color photography classes, history of photography & art classes as well as design classes, calligraphy, and other art based classes. While Laura traveled and moved with her military spouse, she continued to keep up with her photography skills while volunteering with photography projects through community groups, Navy groups, and friends and family groups, through the many travels and adventures the Navy has taken their family across the globe. During this time some of Laura’s other photography jobs included a Creative Memories Consultant business while rearing babies and toddlers and working for Lifetouch National School Studios as a Photographer. Laura now owns her own photography business called Laura Smiles Photography LLC. Laura is also a PPA photographer (Professional Photographers of America). Laura lives in Fredericksburg with her family. She is happy to be back in Fredericksburg, VA where she can live and work in this historically rich as well as artistically rich town while she continues her photography career.

Rainbow Connection, photograph by Laura O'Leary (MG: November 2018)