Members’ Gallery: September 2015

Lee Cochrane

Iron Horse Textures by Lee Cochrane (MG: September 2015)

Artist's Statement—NEAR AND FAR: Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. You can travel the globe and see many wonderful things, but you may also find some real treasures in your own neighborhood, if you remember not to take it all for granted and really take the time to look. Since I started taking photos, think I have become more aware of my surroundings. Sometimes the details intrigue me, and other times it is the big picture I wish to convey.

It was when I bought my first digital camera before a trip to Scotland in 2006 that I got hooked on photography. A cousin who saw my photos from that trip encouraged me to enter my first photo show. I’ve been entering my photos in shows around the region since then, and occasionally, if I’m lucky, win an award. When I am out with my camera, I lose all track of time, and come home with way more photos than I probably should have. I think one reason I may have waited for the digital age, is the realization that if I had bought a camera that needed to use film, I would have been spending a lot of money on film and developing!

My first photos were “straight out of the box”. Now I sometimes go back and play around on the computer with some of the special effects and adjustments that are available.

Lazy Day by Lee Cochrane (MG: September 2015)
Nevada Neglect by Lee Cochrane (MG: September 2015)

Dawn Whitmore

Heron Lunch by Dawn Whitmore (MG: September 2015)

Artist's Statement—I describe myself as a unique individual. The square peg who refuses to fit into a ‘circle’ world. I love my camera, coffee, Capitals, and Christ.

As an introverted personality being behind the scenes has always been a good fit for me. Two great changes would enter my life in 2011. The first came as a gift, a ‘Big Girl’ camera, from my hubby and would ignite my gift of photography. The other, great change entering my life...illness.

Photography became a blessing as Doctor appointments filled the calendar. In the beginning our local area, rich with history and beauty, would be my focus. After being released in September 2012, from the Doctor’s care, the landscape to photograph became larger. Day trips and vacations have given me the opportunity to photograph locations from Pennsylvania to Alabama.

Our Country is filled with various beautiful photographic prospects. Landscapes, sunsets, wildlife, flowers, and more are a few of the blessings waiting to be photographed.

Gracie's Gowns Lanterns by Dawn Whitmore (MG: September 2015)