Members’ Gallery: February 2016

Marcia Chaves

Artist's Statement—Marcia Covert Chaves is a native of Fredericksburg and has lived for the past 40 years in the historic “Falmouth Bottom”. As an artist, Marcia is continuously inspired by the rich history of Falmouth and the comings and goings of the notable figures in the old village. Marcia is a genuine local historian and in her artist’s eye she recreates a scene from 1870 as easily as she would sit and paint a live still image. In her current works, she has chosen oil as her medium as it offers a richness of hue and deep saturation of color which is evocative of a moment captured in time. In her current collection, she has rendered many scenes of pastoral life in old Falmouth, images of Belmont (home of noted artist Gari Melchers), the seasonal beauty of the Rappahannock River and an homage to the French connection with Fredericksburg in an image of Caroline Street flying French flags after the recent Paris attacks. In addition, she has included images of the beautiful coast of Maine where she enjoys summers at her family cottage on Tunk Lake and the New England charm of the village of Bar Harbor. Marcia’s work evokes a calm serenity in the observer where they can escape to a place in time where color and light bathe a landscape and simple actions bring moments of peaceful respite from the hubbub of modern life.

After Paris Fredericksburg Remembers by Marcia Chaves (MG: February 2016)
Belmont by Marcia Chaves (MG: February 2016)
Old Cambridge Street by Marcia Chaves (MG: February 2016)