Members’ Gallery: March 2016

Karen Julihn

Artist's statement—This collection of Art materialized as I took inspiration from the sights and notable details captured with a camera along walkways and paths. Creating a collection of art that stems from following a path is somewhat symbolic for me as a metaphor for my own artistic journey. As an inventive artist, I have explored new media and techniques that have influenced my ever evolving style. For the last seven years, I have experimented with painting in several different mediums including acrylics, watercolor, pastels and oils. In addition, I have taken classes that have encouraged me to try photo transfer painting as well as working in mixed media. So the work that encompasses this show is eclectic in style but relates to finding new ways to be expressive. I am pleased to present some of my visions, from up close and afar, as I experience and recreate nature in changing seasons.

Karen Julihn
[email protected]

Work by Karen Julihn (MG: March 2016)
Spring Walk by Karen Julihn (MG: March 2016)
Walk in the Woods by Karen Julihn (MG: March 2016)
Forest Floor by Karen Julihn (MG: March 2016)