Members Gallery: June 2018

Christine Dixon

I am transported by the beauty I see in life—there is so much to admire in the natural world and I believe we were created to share the joy of complementing it. I think that is why I am drawn to realism.

I work with the figure and still life predominantly. Delicate illumination is a visual goal I try to achieve through the exploration of value and color. I use mid-tones and muted colors and layer them with brighter colors, highlights and shadows as I try to achieve something glowing and emotive. Before I begin it is important to find just the right lighting for the images I envision. I take many reference photos and work from them as well as from live models and set-ups.

Occasionally, I try to inject an idea behind what I depict as I have discovered creating art can be a spiritual journey. Most often though, my goal is to simply render something that stirs the senses, something evocative.

Pewter Tea Service, work by Christine Dixon (MG: June 2018)
Still Life with Scottish Pitcher, work by Christine Dixon (MG: June 2018)
Angel Baby, work by Christine Dixon (MG: June 2018)