Members’ Gallery: July 2014

Dancing with Light and Shadow

Lynn Abbot

I've Got Your Back by Lynn Abbot (MG: July 2014)

Artist's Statement—Dancing with Light and Shadow explores beauty in both light and shadow. Through the show, Fritzi Newton and I obviously capture the artistic journey -- studying value, color and composition through photography and painting. But our theme represents so much more.

I believe that light and shadow reflect the essence of any life journey. A close observation of our world certainly reveals that shadows invade every life. As a result, it might be easy to give way to cynicism. Yet, the artistic narrative of this exhibit suggests the possibility of redemption, the recovery of hope and beauty in the midst life's darker moments. You might say that both the exhibit's theme and my overall artistic vision find root in an unwavering belief that light overcomes darkness.

Without a doubt, I dance with both light and shadow. But in the midst of shadow -- passages of difficulty, pain or grief -- I observe the truth of C.S. Lewis' words: "The shadow proves the sunshine." To this I will only add, shadow often accentuates the sunshine, and in response, I appreciate the light in my life even more. In fact, no matter how deep the shadow I may face, it seems a glimmer of light invariably breaks through and offers hope.

My paintings thus tell a tale of survivorship and hope. And their titles such as "Polishing Rough Edges" and "I've Got Your Back" unlock that story's varied chapters. Perhaps, my work reflects some of your journey as well. Whatever the case, I am convinced that in following the thread of light, you and I will discover that light does indeed prevail.

Lynn Abbott is a full-time member of Brush Strokes Gallery, the Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts, and the Professional Artists and Artisans Association of Stafford County. She is an award winning artist and exhibits her work in both national and regional art shows. In addition, she is a freelance journalist. A portion of all Abbott Art Sales is donated to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. For more of Abbott's work, visit

Polishing the Edges by Lynn Abbot (MG: July 2014)
Light Overcomes Darkness by Lynn Abbot (MG: July 2014)

Fritzi Newton

Work by Fritzi Newton (MG: July 2014)

Artist's Statement—"Dancing with Light and Shadow" aptly captures the sentiment Lynn Abbott and I aspire to convey with our combined exhibit at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts. Although we work in different mediums -- Lynn is a painter and I am a photographer, we both are dedicated to capturing the beauty and quiet joy we observe in all venues we're privileged to explore.

Everyone is challenged by a variety of personal trials, but it's the light and beauty in our lives that help buoy us through our difficulties. Writer Charles Bukowski, said, "We must bring our own light to the darkness." My attempt to find the beauty in rusted metal or vintage vehicles represents my path to uncovering that light.

Light defines the very essence of photography. The extraordinary luster of dawn's brilliant rays and the golden illumination before dusk hold the power to elevate a photograph into the realm of art. As you wander through our work we hope you will appreciate our vision.

Award-winning photographer Fritzi Newton has been a member of both Brush Strokes Gallery and Art First on Caroline Street. She currently shows her work at Mary Washington Hospital and The Loft in Culpeper. She has had pieces juried into regional and national shows in Virginia and beyond.

Work by Fritzi Newton (MG: July 2014)
Work by Fritzi Newton (MG: July 2014)