Members’ Gallery: October 2014

Christopher Heflin—Reflection

Work by Christopher Heflin (MG: October 2014)

Artist's Statement—In this show my artwork leans on the fact that art in the form of paintings of the past and media such as movies or music of the present have played a large role in Christian and Catholic Culture. For hundreds of years art gave the illiterate believer a way to understand their faith. At times art had been seen as icons and felt they should not be used for worship. No matter what, art has inspired emotion to provoke the hearts of many and cause REFLECTION. I have always based my personal inspired paintings to have religious meaning. After my reproduction of the Transfiguration by Raphael I have continued to pursue pushing my ability to create art that evokes emotion.

Work by Christopher Heflin (MG: October 2014)

Sue Henderson—Faces

Pensive by Sue Henderson (MG: October 2014)

Artists' Statement—As a performing artist, I began visually creating art as a non-collaborative outlet allowing expression both through photography and water media painting. Photography allows the opportunity to capture a moment in time as it happens while painting can provide imaginative expression. I've studied under several superb artists including Johnny Johnson, Gerald Brommer, Ted Nuttall and Michael Holter and appreciated their gentle nurturing as I continue this journey.

"Faces" represents my fascination with expression and ordinary people doing ordinary things. I've been fortunate to travel extensively and found my photography collection featured so many compelling faces from various countries.

These people (and a couple animals) touched me from across a crowded market or while sitting in a cab or wandering through an ancient city. They've influenced me as a traveler on this great planet even though I've rarely known their names. They represent, in their everyday actions, a special memory in my journey. They have a story – multiple stories. I hope they speak to you as they have to me.

Ephesian by Sue Henderson (MG: October 2014)