Members’ Gallery: March 2022

Works by Susanne Lane

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A bit of a chameleon, Susanne has explored many types of media in order to keep her artistic juices flowing. Born and raised in Queens, New York she benefited from an artistic family back ground . Her father was a pastry chef who made the most elegant creations and taught at the Culinary institute in NYC. Her uncles were either craftsmen, painters or musicians. Her sister was a pastel painter.

After high school she studied fine art at SUNY at Buffalo and New Paltz but was sidetracked by the opportunity to have a career flying all over the world. During the almost 40 years of her travels she collected memorabilia that lead to artistic pursuits in jewelry and glass bead making. It was not until her retirement in 2010 that she began to explore painting, mosaics and sculpture, taking numerous classes all over the US and abroad.

Susanne has resided in Florida, Colorado, Maryland and finally settled in Virginia in 2003.
During the last 5 years she has devoted most of her creative energy to painting . She is primarily an acrylic painter but also incorporates collage and various mixed media.

Susanne generally does not use a reference photo for her paintings but chooses to apply paint, texture and collage to her substrates until she intuitively brings forth her subject. Most often she is inspired by nature, a walk in the woods or one of her four cats. The cats especially, take on a whimsical attitude and inevitably there is a story that unfolds.

Many of her paintings have a dream like quality that triggers the viewers imagination, particularly in her face and figurative work. Through the whimsical use of bold and bright color she hopes to take you on a journey that will pique the imagination. Susanne has sold her work all over the US, Canada and Europe via various social media platforms.

Currently she lives in Goldvein, VA with her husband and 4 cats. You can find her work on FB @ArtbySusanneLane, on Instagram Susanneual6387 and Etsy SusiLaneArtandFinds.

Zazu, work by Susanne Lane. (MG: March 2022)
Check Mate, work by Susanne Lane. (MG: March 2022)
The Awakening, work by Susanne Lane. (MG: March 2022)