Members’ Gallery: April 2014

Carol Baker

Edge of Winter by Carol Baker (MG: April 2014)

Artist's Statement—My art is not necessarily about representation -- it is about journey, growth, expression, creativity and experimentation. I focus on the right side of my brain, letting my subconscious muse direct the flow of the work. My inspirations come from 20th century artists like Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock and Franz Marc. Like Pollock, I believe that art comes from within -- the ultimate expression of the artist.

I prefer to work in acrylics because of the faster drying time and I often use different media and found materials in the creation of a piece. Textures are and integral part of my work. I enjoy traveling and find inspiration for new work using a mixture of techniques and textures from the different locations I visit.

For this show, Darlene Wilkinson and I have done some collaborative pieces, sharing our skills and vision.

Trees 1 by Carol Baker (MG: April 2014)
Sentinels 2 by Carol Baker (MG: April 2014)

Darlene Wilkinson

Work by Darlene Wilkinson (MG: April 2014)

Artist's Statement—I'm a full time intuitive artist. What does that mean? It's sort of between a meditation and bringing the inner self into the entire creative process. At my core I always want to explore more, once that is accomplished I'm hungry to go deeper exploring that takes me to a destination of ecstasy. I work in Mixed Media and this show is no different from abstract paintings to assemblage. The one thing that is constant in my work is the feeing of freedom and great joy. I'd like to invite you to experience thru your soul and heart, feel the way the texture flows and paint strokes plays and let them lead you to your own journey of exploration. There is also collaborative work in the show between Carol Baker and myself, this process took us into exploring so many options and having so much fun and friendship growing. Enjoy the playfulness of these pieces.

Work by Darlene Wilkinson (MG: April 2014)
Work by Darlene Wilkinson (MG: April 2014)