Members’ Gallery: June 2016

Jurgen Brat

Lamp 1, work by Jurgen Brat (MG: June 2016)

Transitions - June 2016
This exhibition will give a in the development of my 2-D paintings and 3-D designs during the last few years, especially the transition to clay designs. It shows the discipline of combining art and graphic design.

Artist Statement
As an engineer I was exposed to simplicity, functionality, and production efficiencies. The only thing missing in my professional development was art-design. The search for art-design eventually routed me to review the Bauhaus School of Design craft and artistic work. I liked it very much and try to incorporate the Bauhaus design and components of it into my own work, ashown in this exhibition.

Completed an apprenticeship as Millwright and worked with tight tolerances to fit tool machines. Studied engineering and received a (Dipl.- Ing.) Marine-Engineering degree. Earned a BS in Business Services (BSBS) and a Masters of Project Management (MPM) Degree.

Transition, work by Jurgen Brat (MG: June 2016)

Professional Practices
The apprentice program included a lengthy training on how to work with hand tools and to work with tight tolerances. Had drawing classes at technical and engineering colleges and learned how to
sketch free hand and to draw with pencil and ink. Learned from local artists and took a painting class at University of Wisconsin to  improve painting skill levels. Used pencil sketches and drawings for design of paintings. During 2014, started working with detailed pencil, charcoal and graphite drawings.

As an engineer, I became interested in Bauhaus designs, a combination of art and engineering skills. The Bauhaus was a modern college with an international staff, founded shortly after the end of WWI by Walter Gropius and other international known artists and master craftsman.

It existed only from 1919 till 1933, however its teachings and design concepts were duplicated worldwide, and influenced all modern design colleges curricula and methods.

Showed my work mainly in Fredericksburg, Va., at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Pons Shop, Sunken Well Tavern, Fredericksburg Woman’s Club Art Shows, Studio A, Brushstroke Gallery, and at Art Works in Richmond, Va.

Mary Lou Cramer

Welsh Rabbit, work by Mary Lou Cramer (MG: June 2016)


I'd been wanting to do a series on trees for some time now. The idea was to draw and paint particular trees that have held meaning for me throughout my life. That ambitious goal turned into what you see here... a collection of pieces that are loosely based on the theme of transformation. Thank you for viewing my art.

Mary Lou Cramer is an artist, art educator, and part-time library assistant at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. She lives in scenic Spotsylvania County, Va. She earned a BFA in Painting from East Carolina University and an MIS degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cramer is also the founder of Buy Local Hands, a fundraiser company for non-profits and school groups that sells all local products. For more information, please visit

Fishbowl, work by Mary Lou Cramer (MG: June 2016)