Members’ Gallery: May 2015

Josie Osborne

Work by Josie Osborne (MG: May 2015)
Quiet Music by Josie Osborne (MG: May 2015)

Artist's Statement—Solace, quiet contemplation and playful experimentation provide an antidote to our busy and serious daily lives. We must seek out a balance between our fast-paced exterior lives and maintaining that rich interior life that brings together memory, imagination and a more poetic understanding of our daily experiences.

In my assemblage boxes and print collages the elements used and the organization or treatment of space references dreams, poetry, memory, architecture, playful intuitive decision making and a neo-modernist language of color, simplicity, process, materials and mark-making. The works bring together various aspects of my experience (both internal and external) and reflect a pondering of the relationships of those two realities. They place the necessary openness to intangible experiences in parallel to that which we physically and more directly experience in the world.

Lynne Mulhern

Work by Lynne Mulhern (MG: May 2015)

Artist's Statement—My travel experiences have influenced and shaped the direction and purpose I have taken in my artwork. I tried to convey dramatic light and shadow in complex arrangements. I like to show the essence of painting eliminating decorative elements and concentrating on light, shadow and color to evoke purity of composition. Whether I am painting landscape, flowers, or still life work of vegetables, I want the viewer to linger for a while and hopefully wonder how it was done. I paint primarily in oil paint because I like the richness and depth of color that I can achieve. I consider myself a lifelong learner and continue to try new techniques.

Work by Lynne Mulhern (MG: May 2015)