Members’ Gallery: February 2014

"Who Left the Basement Light On?"
original art by Guerin Wolf & Don Young

Guerin Wolf

Conversation 13 by Guerin Wolf (February 2014)

Artist's Statement—Guerin Wolf's paintings have a signature blend of perspective, color, contrast and composition that can pull a viewer from across the room. When his work captures you and takes you away for a while he has achieved his goal.

Don Young

Work by Donald Young (MG: February 2014)

Artist's Statement—Art has always been part of my life. I can remember in the 50's watching Jon Gnagy's television show, You Are An Artist. I also enjoyed learning about the lives of Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell.

My formal education began while taking art classes at Amityville High School and I continued taking art classes while enrolled at Dowling College. It was during this time, I had the opportunity to meet and view a demonstration by artist Helen Van Wyk. Mrs. Van Wyk was traveling the country promoting Grumbacher Art Products at the time. Little did I know 25 years later, I would have another opportunity to study her techniques when she opened her home studio in Rockport MA.

While working 40 plus years in the hospitality field with crazy and ever changing schedules, I never seemed to have enough time to pursue my dream of furthering my artistic talents. It is only now, during my semi-retirement, that I have been able to develop my artistic ability.

My inspiration comes from landscapes, nature and old architecture. I enjoy painting my surroundings, memories of places I have visited, as well as those of my clients.

Work by Donald Young (MG: February 2014)
Work by Donald Young (MG: February 2014)