Members’ Gallery: July 2015

Michelle Peterlin

Artist's Statement—I was a student under John Grillo during my college years at the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Grillo is considered the Father of American Expressionism. I learned a great deal about color composition through my studies with him.

When I get an idea for a composition, I am interested in the pattern of colors, lines and forms. I study how it relates to the other parts in the composition. Once I have worked out what I want the composition to do, I manipulate the color palette it to provoke mood and emotion.

I work in acrylic because it has intense color pigmentation and dries quickly allowing for a lot of glazing. I start my painting by drawing outthe composition in pen then covering the canvas in a dark color, usually raw umber. Next, I build up the color, layer upon layer, until I get the intensity I am looking for.

My work chronicles the people I meet and places I have been from all over the world. Some pieces are purely compilations of objects that interest me. Some are mementos of something I loved and wanted to remember. All of my paintings tell stories.

I hope my work will take the viewer on a journey where they can createtheir own story about what they see.

I have been a professional artist for over 25 years.

Zinia Blast by Michelle Peterlin (MG: July 2015)
Happy Day by Michelle Peterlin (MG: July 2015)
Pink Dream by Michelle Peterlin (MG: July 2015)
Red Dusk by Michelle Peterlin (MG: July 2015)
Autumn Ambrosia by Michelle Peterlin (MG: July 2015)