Members’ Gallery: July 2021

Katharine Owens

Work by Katharine Owens (MG: July 2021)
Creativity is a passion that can be expressed through a variety of mediums. While it may not be readily apparent, all of Katharine Owens work is created using paper and acrylic paint. At first glance, it may appear as if her work is a painting or even a photograph. Viewers are often surprised when they realize the entire project is actually created by careful and precise use of individual pieces of paper.
Katharine’s collage style of art is unique and more accurately described as paper construction because of the intricate detail and 3-D imagery on a 2 dimensional plane. The more one studies  her art, the more one sees the depth within the image.
As viewers move beyond the initial impression of her artwork they discover much more, prompting their “ Oh look at that, I did not see that” exclamation that she treasures. Katharine strives to create art that communicates the intricacy, complexity and beauty of familiar objects that are normally overlooked. She believes there is great beauty in our everyday lives if we look beyond the obvious and truly see what is” before our eyes.”
Her artistry consists of creating various puzzle pieces, and then assembling them into an image that conveys depth and engages the viewer in discovery of intricate detail. Her specialty is focusing attention on a central image while also making creative use of empty space with many overlays of paper and paint.
When Dr. Katharine Owens began a career transition from psychologist to visual artist, she thought she was moving from one world to another, leaving the psychological world for a new domain. However it soon became clear to her that life experiences so often addressed in psychotherapy are the very same lessons that are brought about through creative expression.
She says creating art involves a dynamic dance between creativity and fear or self-doubt just as in the examination of ones life during psychotherapy. One of the most powerful challenges for an artist is to recognize that fear drives creativity into full bloom, and thus to welcome fear as a muse when it knocks at the door.
An artist continually ponders questions such as: Is my work good enough? Is it worth doing? Is it real art? Will others like it? Will it be accepted? Will it be understood? Will others approve? These are the very same questions many people ask as they attempt to navigate the challenges of daily life.
Most of her work depicts windows and doors, inviting the viewer to be curious about what goes on behind the curtain we all live behind.  Dr. Owens says she was privileged and honored in her previous career as her clients trusted her to look inside the most intimate parts of their lives, behind the doors and through the windows where others are not allowed to see.  Her  paper constructions communicate  depth and interest in celebrating the beauty and complexity of the human personality and life experience.
Work by Katharine Owens (MG: July 2021)

Cathy Ambose Smith

Red Bloom, work by Cathy Ambrose Smith (MG: July 2021)

I’ve been an avid collector of unique and unusual items since childhood. The idea of incorporating them into mosaics just seemed a natural way to combine this passion for collecting with my love of art. I enjoy creating with discarded items, as there‘s a history behind each treasure I find.

I’ve had extensive experience working with mosaics and mixed media. Over the past several years, I’ve participated in various local art shows; national juried shows as well as exhibited in the region. In one project, I was selected to create a large three dimensional fiberglass fish for the "Fintastically Fredericksburg" program which raised funds for the Rappahannock River. On another, I collaborated with fellow artist to create a large mosaic book sculpture "Art in the Pages” for the Fairfax, Virginia Library Foundation. For the 2012-13 academic year, I was the artist-in-residence at Fredericksburg Academy, Fredericksburg, VA.

Since 2010, I’ve been teaching mosaic art courses and workshops in Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. Currently I’m offering art instruction to local underprivileged children through grants funded by the state of Virginia.

I have a B.S. in Photography/Art from Ithaca College (1979) and an M.S. in Photojournalism from Ohio University (1982). I worked for many years first as a photojournalist and later as a graphic/web designer at the University of Mary Washington. My husband and I have lived in Fredericksburg for thepast 32 years and have two children.

Contact information:

[email protected]

Treasures from the Sea, work by Cathy Ambrose Smith (MG: July 2021)
Perching Blue Bird, work by Cathy Ambrose Smith (MG: July 2021)

Joan S. Powell

Work by Joan Powell (MG: July 2021)

I am a self taught mosaic artist. As an antique dealer for over 20 years, I have always collected interesting and unusual items that catch my eye. This assortment of "stuff' now provides me with an endless source of inspiration as I create new assemblage art from old, found objects.

My first project was a small birdhouse covered with "smashed up" plates and figurines. Today, in addition to birdhouses, I create intricate vases, mirrors, frames, table tops, plant stands, and memory jugs. The process of using found objects for assemblage art is very rewarding and it provides me a fun and creative way to express myself.

Work by Joan Powell (MG: July 2021)