Members’ Gallery: January 2017

Megan Lee Crockett

Work by MeganCrockett (MG: January 2017)

All of my work in this show is about Life, life that I have experienced and enjoy. In this show I explore my inner-self focusing on religion, places that are local in the community that are enjoyable and some stories in my life that have influenced my life, that may have been difficult to express. I have moved around the country but now I have laid down roots and have seen the calm serenity of nature and the Rappahannock River or the upbeat busyness of downtown Fredericksburg. Every time I use my creative energy it brings me back to the best of times and I explore vivid detail in my work in hopes to inspire others in art as well.

Hyperion Espresso by MeganCrockett (MG: January 2017)

Work by MeganCrockett (MG: January 2017)

Megan Lee Crockett is a studying painter and ceramic artist and will receive her BLS in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia 2017. She resides in Fredericksburg and is a military wife and has four children. She has seen a lot of the United States through the military.

Megan grew up as a child in Sequim, Washington and a teenager in Northern Virginia
(Falls Church and Oakton). From a young age she has loved art and won many art contests in her youth. Megan has worked as a Draftsman in an engineering office at a firm called DewBerry and Davis (designing Engineering plans and helping with landscape plans) after high school then joined the US Coast Guard for 3 years training to be a yeoman (military secretary) and many other military jobs while meeting her husband James. James and Megan married in 1994, then moved around the United States. Many moves has led her to see different areas of the country and given her the opportunity to meet different people of different cultures. After many moves and additions to the Crockett family, they settled in Fredericksburg 11 years ago. Megan has obtained a certificate in Ornamental Horticulture at Edmonds Community College in Washington state while the Crockett family lived near Seattle. After moving to Fredericksburg, Virginia she worked at Stafford Nursery and Roxbury Mills Nursery in Fredericksburg for several years. From there Megan attended Germanna Community College and transferred to UMW with an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree. She has studied drawing, ceramics, painting, screenprinting, camera obscura, and art history classes. She has interned from UMW since early 2015 at Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts (FCCA), and is currently the historian of FCCA and a docent. Her work has been exhibited in several regional exhibitions including the Annual Student Art Exhibitions at DuPont Gallery and Gallery VC. In addition she has been in a national exhibition at Frederick Gallery at FCCA. She received a scholarship to attend an adult workshop at Peter’s Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey in 2016.

Megan loves to work in oils, encaustic and mixed media mostly. Her style is still forming
but she also works sometimes in acrylic and watercolor. At the moment she tries to balance her painting with ceramics. Her art is made up of paintings of religious themes, portraits, landscapes, scenes of the city and country and still life. The ceramics are functional objects as well as decorative pieces. Her current ceramic works are themed City vs. Nature: Culture Clash. In addition to taking care of her children, toddler, family and studying she also enjoys walking/ jogging occasionally and is an active member at
St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Elisa Pritchard

Work by Elisa Pritchard (MG: January 2017)

Elisa Pritchard is a ceramicist and printmaker residing in Fredericksburg, Va. She is in her senior year at the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, and will receive her B.L.S in Studio Art. This fall she was awarded the prestigious Thea K. Viadero ’98 scholarship at UMW. She has a wonderful family and is inspired by her four children every day. Growing up in Alabama, Elisa enjoyed spending her time between the city and the country. Her fondest memories revolve around the outdoors and spending her childhood examining the quiet works of nature. When she moved across the country to Washington State, her love of nature exploded with all new forms and species to observe. Being immersed in Pacific Native American culture and the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest will always be one of her fondest memories.

Elisa’s work mainly reflects upon the consumer exploitation of natural resources and how the human race can strive to better its appetite for convenience. With her love of nature, it is no wonder that she received her Associates of Arts and Sciences from Germanna Community College in 2012 and was accepted to the University of Mary Washington in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in a number of regional exhibitions including Gallery VC and Gallery 202, and was recently published in Aubade magazine 2016. Having children has enhanced her love of teaching and once graduating from UMW, Elisa will pursue a Masters of Arts Management in the hopes of instilling a love of arts in children. It is her goal to have a nonprofit for children, especially for underprivileged and scholarship students.

Work by Elisa Pritchard (MG: January 2017)