Members’ Gallery: August 2013

Liana Pivorotto

I have always been an artist. At the age of four when asked by an adult "what I wanted to be when I grow up," I responded with "an artist." When ever there was an option in school to take art, I took art.

Creating art is as much a part of me as eating or walking or sleeping. I have to create; it is simply not an option. I am always looking for different methods/ representations to express feelings and thoughts. I enjoy the challenge of using media, whether it is pen and ink, pastels, watercolor or photography, quilting, etc.
My professional careers have been as a Graphic Artist, where I created engineering designs and commercial art; advertisements, official organization logos and various other commercial products. My second career was as a Kitchen and Bath Designer/Interior Designer. I strove to take chaos and design it into sense and beauty.

I am currently a Board Member of the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, which is a member of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and am an Artist with that Gallery.

I have eight years of art education, from intermediate to high school to college, and have taken various classes in special techniques. I look forward to learning more and taking more classes. Art is a dynamic energy, always changing and conforming to all that is around and to all that exists.
--Liana Joy Carter Pivirotto

Work by Liana Pivorotto (MG: August 2013)
Work by Liana Pivorotto (MG: August 2013)
Work by Liana Pivorotto (MG: August 2013)