Members’ Gallery: October 2017

Marcia Chaves

December Freshet on Falls Run, oil by Marcia Chaves, 18 x 24, $425 (MG: October 2017)

Marcia Covert Chaves is a native of Fredericksburg and has lived for the past 40 years in the historic “Falmouth Bottom”. As an artist, Marcia is continuously inspired by the rich history of Falmouth and the comings and goings of the notable figures in the old village. This month’s exhibit of oil paintings includes scenes of the Rappahannock, old Falmouth, past and present, such as “December Freshet on Falls Run.” Other images portray summer vacation memories of Maine, Charleston, S.C, and Nags Head. The lure of big fish draws crowds of sportsmen from all walks of life, as depicted in the scenes of pier fishing on the Outer Banks and fly fishing during the spring herring run on the Rappahannock River at the Falmouth Beach. The rocky coasts of Maine offer tranquility to a solitary bather at Compass Harbor.

Albemarle, oil by Marcia Chaves, 18 x 24" $425 (MG: October 2017)

These works represent my efforts to continue to grow, explore color and greater imaginative expression as I capture moments from my own personal experience of places close to home and far away.

Striper Moon, oil by Marcia Chaves, 18 x 24 $425 (MG: October 2017)

Steamboat Wharf at Fredericksburg, oil by Marcia Chaves, 18x24, $425 (MG: October 2017)

Marilyn Hayes

Mountain Pasture - Crete 2017, work by Marilyn J. Hayes (MG: October 2017)

Artist's Statement:

The work in this exhibition a reflections and memories of my trip to the island of Crete in May of 2017. Some memories are expressed in images. Others, represented in color and movement, are memories that had an impact on my intuition and are not remembered as images. I returned from the trip with the memory of the color of the turquoise waters of the Libyan Sea on Crete’s south coast and the glorious sunsets on the mountains and water. In this work, I am conveying the feeling of being in Crete as well as the images of landscapes imprinted on my visual memory.

Sunrise, Heraklion, Crete 2017, work by Marilyn J. Hayes (MG: October 2017)


Marilyn Hayes lives in Arlington, VA and has a second home in Madison County, VA in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. She completed her studies at the Washington Studio School in 1999 and has. Her work reflects her memories of her experiences in nature and focuses on the connection between nature and spirituality. Color as a representation of nature's energy is also an important feature of her work. She has also continued in-depth studies of spirituality and meaning in other cultures as well as ancient mythology. To further her vision in her work, she has traveled in Crete to study the Minoans and their relationship to nature. She exhibits her work in the greater Washington DC area as well as in Virginia.