Members’ Gallery: January 2021

A Different Perspective — Rebecca Womble Carpenter

Virtual Exhibit || Video Walk-Through

The idea for this series began with a single idea – what would happen if an object was added to an abandoned scene? How would the story change? That ponderance started the journey of choosing what stories to tell and how to tell them. How would the viewer relate to the story? How would the story change if that item was eliminated from the scene? What if the scene was photographed in different light? Different days? Different seasons? With a different figure? These questions sent Rebecca exploring in many different directions, but ultimately her goal was to tell a story and intrigue the viewer in her art.

The art in this show encompasses Rebecca’s love for mixed media collage, photography, the figure, abandoned spaces, the nature of time and the natural world. As with the layers she often weaves into a photographic composition, the mixed media collages are layered upon a variety of surfaces. There are photographs transferred onto metal or paper surfaces, collage, wire, and cold wax medium included. The art in this show encompasses relief and three-dimensional sculpture as another path of storytelling, as well as photography and collage. Maybe because she was an art teacher for many years, Rebecca loves using a variety of materials to tell a story. This show has a variety of media and imagery, but she hopes you will see the thread of storytelling throughout each image.

There will be descriptions on the walls alongside the art in the gallery describing the process of creating specific pieces. There will be no First Friday reception due to Covid and First Friday falls on a holiday in January, so the gallery will be closed.