Members’ Gallery: April 2012

Deborah Herndon || Architecture Talks: Doors and Details from Europe and U.S.

"It is an honor for my artwork to be selected for a Member solo exhibit at the Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts (FCCA)," said Ms. Herndon, "I am very excited to be exhibiting with such talented artists in so many media."

This Artist's images "freeze frame" architectural details to reflect the culture of the hands that created them. Ms. Herndon adds, "the metallic print process I use saturates color slightly and adds a third dimension to draw in the viewer. All of my metallic prints are limited edition (29), copyrighted and trademarked to protect their value." Many of her art works also features "back stories" to give the viewer some perspective of the local culture captured in her photographs.

Herndon continues, "my interest in architectural details and cultural artifacts stems from my educational background in Anthropology and Sociology (B.A. degree, magna cum laude) and urban planning career (Master's of Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Tech)." She has traveled on several continents, but particularly has traveled in France for 21 years.