Members’ Gallery: November 2012

Patte Ormsby || Ave, Patina


Few times in the history of art are as symbolically and visually compelling as that of the Italian Renaissance. This inspires my painting as I use elements of deep color, texture, gold leaf and pattern to present that sacred historical richness in a contemporary context. Using these elements in my paintings is my way of expressing the quiet solemnity and simmering energy of places that are sacred to me. -- Patte Ormsby

Ave, Patina, an exhibition of Ormsby's most recent work furthers her interpretation of the visual mystique surrounding Renaissance holy paintings even without the religious subject matter. Combining traditional materials, with oxidation and aging techniques, that she's developed, Ormsby builds her paintings layer upon layer to capture the patina of age. By manipulating the layers, allowing them to show through or melt away Ormsby invites the viewer to consider what lies beneath, what came before, a convergence of past and present.

Patte Ormsby lives in Spotsylvania, VA and has a degree in Studio Art & Art History from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. She has shown extensively in Virginia, as well as in NJ & MA.
She is currently represented by The Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet, MA.