Members’ Gallery: November 2019

Rebecca Carpenter

“Whispers – Visual Stories from Abandoned Spaces”

“The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope.” —Frank Lloyd Wright

I was really drawn to abandoned spaces a few years ago when I first toured Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia (where my daughter lives). I fell in love with how the light formed interesting shadows on the textured walls. I then photographed models in abandoned spaces and I was hooked on the storytelling possibilities found in decay. Though I love to work in multi-media, and I create work in four intertwining series, this collection of photographs was taken in a variety of abandoned spaces. Some images include items I’ve placed, some spaces are as I found them. Ultimately, when creating images, I saw CONTRAST blaring through my selections – contrasting light and shadow, contrasting textures and colors, opposites vying for attention.

Hidden in our ordinary existence is the life cycle of our human experience. I hope you will enjoy delving into the stories found in this series.


On the Verge, photograph by Rebecca Carpenter (MG: November 2019)
Crossing Lines, photograph by Rebecca Carpenter (MG: November 2019)