Frederick Gallery: August 2013

Regional Exhibition

Juror: Diego Sanchez || Catalog || Flier


  • Long Day's Work watercolor painting by Keith P. Beale of Fredericksburg, VA
  • Early Morning oil media painting by Charlotte Richards of Fredericksburg, VA
  • Climate Change I mixed media by Patricia Smith of Locust Grove, VA

Honorable Mentions:

  • Brasserie Orange metallic photograph by Deborah Herndon of Charleston, WV
  • How to Take a Compliment hand-cut collage by Blythe King of Richmond, VA
  • Before the Harvest watercolor on YUPO painting by Rita Rose & Rita Rose of Spotsylvania, VA
  • Trumpet Vines Sumi-e painting by Carol Waite of Fredericksburg, VA

Juror's Statement:
I would like to express my gratitude to the FCCA and especially to Carrol Morgan for the opportunity to jury the August show. Judging a show is, in a manner of speaking, is a somewhat subjective activity.

I have tried to be impartial in the process of selecting the work. I started by getting a general overview of all the pieces submitted for the show. Looking at every single piece, I started to get a general overview of subject matter, media, and scale. When judging a show I first look at the artwork purely in terms of formal concerns. I make a conscious decision to disregard subject matter and different types of media. Then I proceeded to separate the work into three categories, the definitely "yes," the "maybe" and the "no" categories. After this is done, I look for strong competent pieces that speak to me. I am drawn to strong compositions displaying a unified and interesting use of the elements of art and the fundamentals of design. l also look for a commitment in the work and a competence in the handling of the materials. Finally I try to look for honesty in the artists approach to his or her work. Finally, the pieces in the show demonstrate an interest by the artists in the application of materials. The pieces that are in the show also displayed honesty and a conviction about the subject matter that they portray.

It is challenging to jury an open show without a theme or any other type of restrictions. However I enjoyed the process and want to thank the FCCA once again for giving me this opportunity. I think that it is remarkable that this institution has been around for fifty years, providing a unique opportunity for the aesthetic enjoyment and the promotion of the visual arts in Fredericksburg.

I hope that you enjoy the show as much as I have.