Frederick Gallery: February 2012

Regional Exhibition

Juror: Justine Geiger || Catalog || Flyer


  • 1st Place – Deerings Vizcaya, photograph by Deborah D. Herndon of Charleston, WV
  • 2nd Place – Glimpses II, mixed media painting by Barbara Taylor Hall of Fredericksburg, VA
  • 3rd Place – Marsh Grass Reflections, photograph by Susan Krieg of Fredericksburg, VA

Honorable Mentions:

  • Upside Down Town I, photograph by Lee Cochrane of King George, VA
  • My Immortality Tree, hand painted photo by Michael Habina of Partlow, VA
  • Sunset Sail, acrylic painting by Karen Julihn of Fredericksburg, VA
  • Apparition, encaustic & oil transfer by Susan Skrzycki of Raleigh, NC

Juror's Statement:

I’d like to thank the FCCA and Carrol Morgan for the chance to work with them. Since I was a first-time juror, I was excited with this opportunity! The selection process was very difficult. The submitted works represented an incredible variety. I aimed to include a range of works that represented that diversity, emphasizing work that uses color and texture in creative and unsuspected ways.

Honorable Mentions: Lee Cochrane’s photo “Upside Down Town I,” resembles an abstract painting. Being printed on canvas adds an unexpected layer of texture. Michael Habina’s “My Immortality Tree” suggests nostalgia, reflection, and even loss. The hand painted tree adds a personal touch. “Sunset Sail,” by Karen Julihn, brings to mind Impressionism, playing with colors to capture an ocean sunset’s fading light. Susan Skrzycki’s “Apparition” combines encaustic, oil, and photography in a multi-dimensional piece.

Third place: Susan Krieg’s “Marsh Grass Reflections” takes a water-reflection photograph and adds a layer of ambiguity: where does the water end and the grass begin? The photograph’s composition calls to mind manmade minimalistic paintings, though the subject clearly belongs to nature.

Second place:Barbara Taylor Hall’s “Glimpses II.” The geometric composition is paired with layered, flowing color. The seemingly solid black lines suggest something hidden beneath them; the work provides a glimpse through a window into another dimension.

First place: Deborah D. Herndon’s photo “Deerings Vizcaya” utilizes color and composition to juxtapose organic elements with the geometric architecture. Metallic paper adds a painterly quality. The pairings of opposites force you to stop and examine the very nature of the photograph.