Frederick Gallery: July 2020

Artist Choice

Juror: Steve Griffin || Catalog || Flier

Awards announced after First Friday || July First Friday Hours: 12-4pm

Juror's Statement

My Philosophy—To me art is not static. Even when I’m working on a series of similar paintings I try not to get stuck on a formula. I allow each painting takes its own direction. When I visit an art museum and look at work that I have seen several times before there will always be something I notice for the first time. The artwork is the same. I have changed. The same thing happens when I’m asked to jury a show. I try not to look at the artwork with any preconceived expectations. The judging process is much like creating a work of art itself. I may begin with a general idea but in the end it’s usually something unexpected. And the choices I might make today would be different than the choices I would make six months from now when looking at the same work. —Steve Griffin