Frederick Gallery: November 2014

Primary Colors

Juror: Vaughn Garland || Catalog || Flier


  • Endless Vista acrylic painting by Christina Boechler of Culpeper, VA
  • Burning Blue composite photograph by Maura Harrison of Fredericksburg, VA
  • 1.11803... dry erase board by Bettie Grey of Fredericksburg, VA

Honorable Mentions:

  • Indiana Barn oil painting by Karen Loehr of Reston, VA
  • Blue Horizon acrylic painting by Barbara Taylor Hall of Fredericksburg, VA
  • Manikins photograph by Norma Woodward of Fredericksburg, VA
  • Blue Harvest I watercolor by Rita Rose & Rae Rose of Spotsylvania, VA

Juror's Statement

As a painter, the perception of primary colors is fundamental to my practice, and, universally, primary colors form the ingredients that create any hue. It is in the ways that we configure these most essential of materials that allow our identities to develop and our voices realized. The Primary Color exhibition at The Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts provided me with a new curatorial perspective, unlike the process that I generally use. It allowed me to investigate how personality could be embedded within the marks and layers.

By specifying a standard color scheme and confining the works to these three basic standards, what is left are not only fundamental artistic components like form, shape, composition, but also choice. Choice represents how an artist's personality takes what is standard and creates something new. This, to me, is the key to all art. I believe that newness and originality are not made by uninspired developments, but by the revelation and presentation of an identity realized within a long line of learned experiences. When choosing the work for Primary Colors I did so in an attempt to discover something about the artists and how they challenged me, the viewer, to think of expression and growth. What I realized was that I could still be surprised and refreshed by a theme like primary colors.