Frederick Gallery: November 2015

Repetition and Pattern

Juror: Amie Oliver || Catalog || Flier


  • Statistics body of multi-media work by Susan Hensel of Minneapolis, MN
  • Coptic Zen art book by Gina Cullen of Louisa, VA
  • Quiet Time monotype print by Linda Larochelle of Fredericksburg, VA

Honorable Mention:

  • Sand Dune Fencing IV mixed media by Bob Worthy of Montross, VA
  • Repitizione 3 & 4 photographs by Peter Frederick of Spotsylvania, VA
  • Fences and Kivas acrylic painting by Patricia Smith of Locust Grove, VA
  • Vera_J_12-13-14-01AC pinhole camera/digital print by Dan McCormack of Accord, NY
  • Body of work acrylic paintings by Ray Abell of Williamsburg, VA
  • Dressmaker metallic photograph by Deborah Herndon of Charleston, WV


Juror's Statement

As an artist, educator, curator and seeker of beauty I find the curatorial process of jurying an exhibition to be a bit of an adventure. The creative and curatorial process, for me, is a continual investigation of identifying the aesthetic, compelling and memorable through looking and reflecting on the discoveries that present themselves from each call for entries.

Jurying an exhibition for the FCCA was a visual feast, combined with the complications and complexities of time, space and theme - as there is always more of one than the others. It is a journey I relish, yet find frustrating - as there is always more see or show than resources can allow. The goal is to combine all the varied elements, considerations, ingredients and limitations in a way that creates a satisfying exhibition that explores the theme of the month with memorable results.

The theme Pattern and Repetition, for me, implies time and space and its effects on materiality, process and creative vision. As such, I chose work which explored and expanded upon this theme, rather than literally describing or defining it.