Frederick Gallery: October 2017

Middle Street Gallery—Special Guest Artists’ Exhibit

Mary Allen, Katrina Ann, Gary Anthes, Robert Bouquet, Nancy Brittle, Ren Crawford, Ann Currie, Jane Forth,  Marilyn Hayes, Jo Levine, Nina Moore, Phyllis Northup, Wayne Paige, Susan Raines, Joan Wiberg, Kathleen Willingham  -- Catalog || Flyer

Mary B. Allen

Artist's Statement:

I have been an artist all of my life having grown up in a home surrounded by professional musicians, potters and painters! Every day was a creative day and I thrived on the energy it produced among all of us. I see compositions in all aspects of life from the chaos of dishes in my kitchen sink to the exquisite flower arrangements we create from our gardens. I take joy in shadows cast across the country roads and the sparkles on the cut crystal of the vase by the window! I paint with watercolor because I love the fresh, bright colors one can only capture with that medium. Having originally been an oil painter, I do love a deep, saturated hue and I strive to bring that richness to my watercolors. I also love the way my water paints run and blend in a way that oils can never do. The surprising results delight me as I develop my paintings of ordinary situations in still life and landscape. I paint everyday to try and capture yet one more piece of life this beautiful world has offered me!


Mary Allen is a watercolorist whose use of beautiful saturated colors and compelling compositions delivers a uniquely positive take on the ordinary places, activities and objects found in our daily lives. A native of South Carolina, she earned an M.S. Degree in medical art from the Medical College of Georgia and a B.F.A. Degree in studio art from Newcomb College Art School at Tulane University in New Orleans. After moving to Culpeper, Virginia thirty years ago with her husband and children, Mary opened the Carriage Lane Gallery in Culpeper, joined Gallery West in Old Town Alexandria and became an exhibiting artist at the Torpedo Factory. She is currently a member of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists, Virginia Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Torpedo Factory Art League, Middle Street Gallery in Sperryville, VA, River District Artists Galleries and Studios in Washington VA and Firnew Farm Artists’ Circle in Hood VA. She is also a member of the Artisan Trail of Virginia.

Mary currently paints in Studio #8 at River District Artists in Washington, Virginia and at Side Porch Studio in Culpeper, Virginia.

Katrina Ann

Artist's Statement:

I spent my childhood drawing atop the stack of canoes at my family's outfitters. Growing up, the forest and river were my playgrounds. My sister and I raced barefoot, skipped stones, discovered history and fought battles with mud. The Shenandoah Valley fostered my creativity and is a reoccurring theme in my art.

My paintings aim to reconnect people with our rural landscapes and teach them the importance of preservation. I can often be found exploring the Shenandoah Valley, gathering inspiration. I create my paintings in “plein air” and in the studio. My studio works are inspired by photographs and sketches from my adventures. During every hike, I find myself capturing snapshots. The littlest details can capture my attention, like the texture of peeling paint on an old barn or the sun reflecting off a blade of grass. Art is constantly developing in my mind and taking over my senses. I open the front door, explore the land, and drift into an imaginative state.

Red Barn II, oil on canvas by Katrina Ann, 36"x18", $1,800 (October 2017)
Massanutten Mountains, oil on canvas by Katrina Ann, $36"x18", $1,875. (October 2017) (
Massanutten Mountains, oil on canvas by Katrina Ann, $36"x18", $1,875. (October 2017) (

Gary Anthes

Artist's Statement:

Between 1902 and 1930, 1.2 million immigrants passed through the doors of the Ellis Island Hospital. Thirty-five hundred died here, half of them children. I offer these images as a salute to the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and to the immigrants whose dreams of America perished with them here.

Robert Bouquet

Artist statement:

I am a self -taught sculptor working in the "taille directe" or direct carving method. This most ancient process of producing stone sculpture is what has captivated me.

The physical effort of carving stone is part of what has drawn me to this form of art. The subject matter for most of my work is the human figure or animal life. I've also done some abstract pieces emphasizing organic forms.

Nancy Brittle

Artist's Statement:

Recently, I have been more interested in the formal aspects of painting, the making of a painting as opposed to the making of a picture. Simplification of forms, use of unfamiliar color harmonies, and expressive brushwork conveying the moment's energy offer constant goals. I paint from memory and also from life.


After a degree in studio art and Art History from Mary Washington College, Julien Binford continued to mentor me until his death. A life long learner, I continued studies in both art and Art History at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Ecoles des Beaux Arts, the American University, the Marchutz School and the University of Aix, and VCU. In these decades I have been privileged to work with Ben Sumerford, Robert D'Arista, Don Crow, and Michael Drought. A recent interest in plein air work has taken me workshops with David Williams, Lori Putnam, Susan Abbott, Sarah Linda Poly, and Ann Blair Brown.

Art retreats in the past few years include the Publishers Invitational in the Adirondacks and Ann Marie Art and Sculpture Center.

My work can be found at the Middle Street Gallery in Sperryville, The Loft in Culpeper, and the Back Door Gallery in Fredericksburg.

Professional affiliations include Oil Painters of America, Women Painters of the Southeast, the Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts, and The Arts Depot in Abingdon.

Ren Crawford

Artist's Statement:

I am in my eighties and growing and learning through my paintings. I am intrigued by abstract form and intense color. I paint in my studio every day.

A life of art, and the art of life.


Ren Crawford has lived in the Shenandoah Valley for many years. Her abstract paintings are spread far and wide. Japan to Australia as well as all the US. Her professional career was begun at St John's Gallery, Wilmington NC. After the 1960's she traveled to Japan and exhibited her work there. Next she traversed the US from Hawaii to NC. leaving paintings in many collections.

An octogenarian who continues to surprise viewers, Ren's lively art continues to grow in followers. Check often with the website for updates.

Currently paintings may be viewed at Middle Street Gallery, Main St. Sperryville, VA and the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta VA. Her home gallery, open to visitors by appointment.

Ann Currie

Artist Statement:

My recent work is drawings that explore the relationship of figure to ground in a composition. Using a variety of painting and monotype techniques, I create abstract, color filled surfaces on which to draw realistic images. Most often I choose plants growing in my garden or flower beds as the subject matter for drawings done with colored pencil, oil pastels, and gouache. My goal for these drawings is to create a piece of art in which the subject revealed, and the background that supports it, are of equal visual importance. Every drawing is a challenge and an opportunity to explore new expression.


Work Related Experience:

  • Adjunct Professor teaching Papermaking, 2D and 3D Design, and Art History at James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University both in Harrisonburg, VA.
  • Professor of Art and Art History and Professor Emeritus at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, VA developing the Associate of Fine Arts degree program.


  • Mary Washington College ~ BA in Mathematics
  • James Madison University ~ MFA in Papermaking and Sculpture


Work included in exhibitions in Fisher Galleries in Washington, DC; Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC; National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, DC; Art 901 in Washington, DC; Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts in Fredericksburg, VA; Winchester Fine Arts Center in Winchester, VA; Sawhill Gallery at James Madison University; Atrium Gallery at Lord Fairfax Community College; R H Ballard Gallery, Washington, VA; Middle Street Gallery Sperryville, VA; Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, Harrisonburg, VA; Linden Vineyard, Linden, VA

Jane Forth

Artist's Statement:

In this recent encaustic work, color and spatial relationships are explored through experimentation. Flat shapes and suggested 3-D forms are often juxtaposed in a collage-like way creating lengthy revisions that evolve into thick wax surfaces.

The reference of natural beauty within this work begins within encaustic techniques. Molten wax, brushed, poured, carved, fused is reworked to create translucent depth. Creative accidents and discoveries during painting create a flow of new ideas and directions that become important as the work progresses. It is, however, the observation of natural environment, study of light on form and stilled contemplation that is the subject of these paintings. Imagination and material meet within the element of fire, transforming a vision into luminous wax surfaces.

Marilyn Hayes

Artist's Statement:

This series of encaustic monotypes, I explore the experience of being in contact with nature as a spiritual practice. I continue to consider the premise that we are a part of nature and the connection is important. My focus is on the relationship between the energy of certain places in nature and people. I feel that being out in nature calms the mind and body and the stillness can help to generate a healing, meditative state. The traditional Japanese gates, called Torii, are commonly found at the entrance of or within Shinto shrines where they symbolically mark the transition from the profane to the sacred. They are sometimes located in the water when the shrine is on a sacred island, and are either vermillion (or red) and black or are unpainted. While gathering information about Japanese temple gates I began to focus on those that seemed to float in the water. Japanese Buddhist temples may also have Torii.


Marilyn Hayes lives in Arlington, VA and has a second home in Madison County, VA in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. She completed her studies at the Washington Studio School in 1999. Her work reflects her memories of her experiences in nature and focuses on the connection between nature and spirituality. Color as a representation of nature's energy is also an important feature of her work. She has also continued in-depth studies of spirituality and meaning in other cultures as well as ancient mythology. To further her vision in her work, she has traveled in Crete to study the Minoans and their relationship to nature. She exhibits her work in the greater Washington DC area as well as in Virginia.

Jo Levine

Artist's Statement:

I am drawn to shadows. Their contrast between light and dark naturally catches my eye. In addition, shadows reduce images to abstract patterns depleted of color, and often alter the original image’s shape depending on the angle of light or the surface on which the shadow is projected -- simultaneously reflecting reality and distorting it.

When I capture these shadows with my camera, I hope that they will inspire viewers to look more closely at the world around them and find the wonderful shapes and patterns that are hiding in plain sight.


[email protected]
3138 Patterson St. NW
Washington, DC 20015

Jo Levine specializes in landscapes and semi-abstract images drawn from the natural and man-made worlds. Her work is noted for its serene and often mysterious atmosphere.

Jo is a juried member of two professional artists’ cooperatives: the Studio Gallery in Washington, DC ( and the Middle Street Gallery in Sperryville, Virginia ( Her work has been recognized with awards by distinguished jurors, and has been selected for numerous juried exhibitions. Jo’s photos hang in private collections across the United States.

Recent Shows and Honors

Studio Gallery, Washington, DC
Details, March 2017
Shadowplay, March 2016

Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville, Maryland
The Secret Life of Flowers, solo show, June 2015

Middle Street Gallery, Sperryville VA (two-person shows)
Going Places, September – October 2014
Beauty Around Us, June 2013
East and West, October 2012
Here and There: From the Piedmont to Patagonia, September 2011
Shapes and Shadows, October 2010

Strathmore Hall Foundation, North Bethesda, Maryland
Art in Motion, juried all-media show, January 2016

Castleton Music Festival – Rappahannock Ass’n for Arts in the Community
Sperryville, Virginia, June-July 2015; juried all-media show
Jo’s photo, “Blue Notes,” was one of five adult finalists

ArtSpace Herndon, 2014 Fine Art Photography Exhibit, Herndon, Virginia
Juried show, March 2014

VisArts (Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts), Rockville, Maryland
Inside/Outside, October 2006
Jo’s photo, “Paris Reflections,” was awarded second place
Juror: Frank Goodyear, Ass’t Curator of Photography, National Portrait Gallery

Middle Street Gallery
UnRappahannock County, Virginia, June 2006; all media
Jo’s photo, “Homeless,” was awarded third place
Juror: Jane Livingston, writer and art curator

Nina Moore

Artist's Statement:

My home studio at the end of a mountain hollow, where I make handmade paper, is lined with vats of colored paper pulp. My images are abstract and inspired by the natural world around me. I like the sense of seeing thru water or air which I can get by adding layers of pulp on my deckle (mesh frame). I mask out the mountain shape, go into white or gold for clouds which the water moves, go into a blue vat to fill the sky behind the clouds, the remove the mask and fill the mountains with more layers. Colors change with many translucent layers and water motion. For pulp I use mostly overbeaten abaca pigmented with lightfast colors. Finished pieces range in size from cards to 4 by 8 feet.


For the past 30 years I have studied papermaking by taking workshops and by experimenting. Workshops include a two week stay at Penland and with Amanda Degener at Pyramid Atlantic. This class included two and three dimensional paper using armature, pulp spraying and large format. I admire the work of Karen Stalager and was fortunate to attend a workshop given by her. I have also studied natural materials with Jeanne Drevas. I have recently rejoined Middle Street Gallery and show annually at the Rappahannock County Studio Tour.

Phyllis Northup

Artist Statement:

Recognizing the creative spirit in my young soul, my grandmother gave me a beginner’s set of oils when I was ten years old. Thus began my love affair with all things art! My BA in Fine Arts was just the beginning of a lifetime of learning and growing as an artist and art teacher.

Having married a National Park Ranger I have had the good fortune to move all over the country and live in some of our nation’s most spectacular places. My “backyards” have included the soaring majesty of the Tetons, the ever changing awe inspiring Grand Canyon, the stark beauty of the Big Bend desert, the beaches of Cape Hatteras, the flowing water and limestone cliffs of the Buffalo River, the misty ridges of the Smoky Mountains and the pristine jewel of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, where the spirit of Lake Superior inspired me on a daily basis. The adventure continues as we have returned to the beautiful mountains of Shenandoah National Park, where our journey began many years ago.

I have such a collection of images in my mind and soul from living in all of these spectacular places; I will never loose my passion for attempting to capture the essence of their beauty and spirit. Nature recharges my soul, and I hope that both my art and my teaching will help others to see and be open to the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us all. Awareness and appreciation will hopefully lead to the desire to protect, preserve and care for this fragile planet we dwell on!



Owner, Natural Graphics 1991 – Present
In 2005, I began working full time as a studio artist, marketing my work through my website and galleries in Michigan, Virginia and Tennessee. Selected for “Top 100” 2012 and “Second 50 Mini” 2008 in the national “Paint the Parks” competition, as well as several regional juried shows since 2006. Began in 1991 and continuing today, I own and operate a small business publishing and marketing notecards featuring my ink and watercolor drawings of wildflowers, teach community art classes to children and adults, and present seminars for various National Park Service and National Forest Service Natural History Associations and Field Institutes.

Art Teacher
2001 – 2005: K – 8th Catons Chapel Elementary & Pigeon Forge Middle Schools, Sevier County, TN. Taught numerous art classes for children and adults at nationally renowned Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN
1997 – 2001: 7 – 12th Grand Canyon School, Grand Canyon AZ
1992: K – 6th Moran Elementary, Moran, WY & Kelly Elementary School, Kelly, WY
1990 – 1992: Community Visual Art Association, Jackson, WY, Developed and taught a comprehensive community art education program for ages 2 - adults.
1981-1982: 7 – 12th Manteo High School, Manteo, NC. Developed and taught a new art program for Middle School through High School
1979-1981: 7 – 9th grade Taylor Junior High School, Warrenton, VA
1976-1979: K – 12th grade The Friends School, Mullica Hill, NJ
(Teaching certificates Art K-12 NJ, VA, NC, WY,AZ, TN)

Park Ranger, Interpretation
1996-2001; Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
1993-1996: Big Bend National Park, TX
Responsibilities as an NPS Interpretive Ranger included presenting programs on the natural and cultural history of the park, front desk duties, roving interpretive patrols, guided hikes, and special projects as assigned. Also served as staff artist at Big Bend creating illustrations for interpretive signs, site bulletins and park newspaper.


West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, WV
BA Fine Arts/Business Minor June 1973

Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ
Teaching Certification Coursework

Wayne Paige ||

Artist's Statement:

Since 1997 I have retreated to a life inside the inkwell- a black and white world of duality sprinkled with social commentary and Dreamscape imagery. A three-dimensional format is explored with each pen and ink drawing wrapped around a canvas and secured in a shadow box frame giving the work the appearance of a cultural relic. Portrayed within is an imaginary landscape of mountains, waterways and woodlands populated by featureless beings. Many are cliff dwellers seeking escape while others are just engaging in daily activities. Events unfold as a celestial armada encroaches their environment- causing consternation and portending everlasting change. All takes place under a moonlit sky around and over the edge.

The Digital Age has brought upon us a binary kaleidoscope fog blanketing both perception and reality. I think of my art as beyond the fog evolving instead at the bottom of an inkwell. In only working with the traditional media of pencils, pens and paper, my inspiration derives from personal perceptions of contemporary life and the reality of encroachment. Conflict, dreams and humor are often woven within.


The artist has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country, and many of his works are included in public and private collections. He recently had one of his works included in the Washington Art Matters ll: 1940s – 1980s exhibition at the American University Museum at the Katzen Center. Paige also received First Prize in The Fairfax Art Council awards, First Prize in The George Washington University Alumni Competition, and a Special Recognition award from The Virginia Commission of the Arts.

Susan Raines

Artist Statement:

I spent many years as a free lance photographer doing magazine and newspaper work in Atlanta, Washington, DC and London. I also taught photography in the Journalism Department at the University of Maryland and worked at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Art Services International, two commercial art galleries and at the National Endowment for the Arts.

I photograph with a 35 mm Nikon and with an iPhone. I have been experimenting with photo apps on the iPhone and like the unpredictable results. I print my own photographs on an archival printer and frame them using conservation glass.

Joan Wiberg

Artist's Statement:

I use painting to convey the almost unfathomable beauty of natural light on the landscape of Virginia. I begin with a bold line drawing and then try to suggest the light that prompted the painting in the first place. I paint outdoors on site and then complete my work in the studio, recalling the atmosphere of the setting by memory.


Joan Wiberg is an artist living in Fauquier County, Virginia. An Alexandria native, she now lives in the foothills of the Virginia Piedmont and paints outside with the Fredericksburg Plein Air Painters. She is a member of the Middle Street Gallery in Sperryville, Virginia, and has an Etsy shop and a member of BFA VCU, BS UMd, MIS VCU.

Kathleen Willingham

Artist Statement:

The work that I am presenting for this show is representative of a direction that I often take with my paintings. Since the 1960’s my first love in art has always been the abstract and non-representational. My latest pieces are expressions of abstract ideas that through the use of vibrant color, textures that often float into atmospheres that may be neither hear or there and bold forms that follow paths and edges. The important information that I want the viewer to gather is that this artist just simply loves to paint and finds joy in color.


Kathleen is and has always been a Fauquier County resident. She is currently a member of the Blue Ridge Art League in Culpeper, Va., a member of Brush Strokes Gallery, Fredericksburg, Va. and Middle Street Gallery in Sperryville, Va., the Fredericksburg Plein air Artist and is a member of The Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts. Her work may also be seen at Orange Center for the Arts, Orange, Va., The Loft Gallery, Culpeper, VA., Village Frame and Gallery, Culpeper, Va. She has had several solo exhibits in the past several years and has been in a number of group shows and ongoing juried exhibits receiving awards and honorable mentions. She is also a member of the Mid Atlantic Pastel Society and has been juried into the Pastel Society of America as an associate member.
She most recently has been juried into shows at Gallery Flux, Ashland, Va., Allure Art Center, Whitestone, Va, and Art Speaks on the Bay at the Bay School, Matthews, VA. She was also a participant in the Publishers Invitational Plein Air Paint out in Paul Smiths, NY in 2015 as well as the Artist in Action program at Annemarie Sculpture Gardens in Solomons, Md. In 2015 and 2017. She has been juried into the Plein Air Festival in Floyd, Va. in Aug. 2017