Juror: Jerry Shapiro

As founder and current director of Red Door Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, Jerry Shapiro has curated art from many artists throughout the United States. He has selected works and series from hundreds of artists to show in over 50 solo and group shows. Having been to major art museums and galleries around the world for the past 35 years, he has seen work from both an historic and contemporary perspective. He began collecting art right out of college.

With a preference to large scale works with a strong visual impact, Jerry finds an artist’s use of color to add its own dimension and power to a piece. If an artist can add colors we don’t “expect” and pull it off, it’s special. Art is so subjective. It needs to make us feel and respond. And the artist must also show his craftsmanship. Without that, the piece is not together.

Jerry reviews the works of hundreds of artists each week through shows, exhibitions and publications. He is very passionate about all forms of art and never tires of seeing new works by many artists.

In addition to his managing a commercial art gallery and collecting, Jerry is a builder having been involved in the construction of museums, schools, historic renovations, and private homes. This “left brain” work contrasts nicely with the more ethereal that the art world evokes. And all things original always catch his attention. Seeking the unique, not just for its own sake, but for the imagination and skill shown by its creator, he is constantly in search of new art and expression. He and his wife currently have a wide range of art in his personal collection, ranging from eastern mystical to bold abstracts.