Members’ Gallery: January 2019

Lynne Smyers

Finger Face, photograph by Lynne Smyers (MG: January 2019)

Lynne Smyers is a graphic designer who has a photographer’s eye. After 30-plus years sitting in front of a screen, she’s turned her focus to shooting and sharing her distinctive point of view. Her experience working with photographers as an art director for national publications has enabled her to understand both sides of the lens.

Living on Machodoc Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River in Virginia, provides a stunning panorama for daily inspiration. She also loves wandering through neighborhoods around the globe to capture street art and unexpected juxtapositions, offering a funky twist on things one might normally pass by.

Lynne holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from The Pennsylvania State University.

Watch Tower, photograph by Lynne Smyers (MG: January 2019)

Dockside Sunset, photograph by Lynne Smyers (MG: January 2019)

Faith Gaillot

Detail is the heart and soul of my artwork. It is intense, realistic and demands attention. Like a magnet, it draws the viewer's eye. Viewers find it hard not to notice the detail, causing them to view the artwork for a lengthy time. With the stroke of a .05 Micron pen, I have achieved this with many subjects. My work has been featured in several newspapers. This is MY WORLD -line by line. No guessing games. I strive to give the world of pen and ink a side not seen, and at the same time a brighter future.