Call for Entries


Representing a theme with art media can be a journey into creative thinking in a different direction, or the art already exists and it is an “ah hah” experience of already having the perfect match for a theme. “Word, Text & Image” should be broadly interpreted as any drawing, painting, print, photo, sculpture or other media that incorporates some form of a word, text (sentence) and image, such as a street sign scene, title on a building/business, graffiti, or objects that include words/text. The theme should encourage artists to be innovative and to discover other ideas, such as an altered or handmade book/journal, or maybe a photo/painting of a book store, library or library interior, etc. We are surrounded by words and text in our daily lives and we create images in our art and journals, so take this theme and run with it in a direction that will surprise, delight and engage the viewer. Does that help without limiting ideas?

Carrol Morgan, Curator, Frederick Gallery

FCCA's Off-Site Exhibition


General Requirements

All entries submitted to Frederick Gallery exhibitions must be original and completed within the last two years. The two year limitation encourages and promotes entering new work that is fresh to our viewing public. Original means that the work is the creation of the artist and is not a copy or version of another person’s photo or artwork. Artists using reference materials should use only their own photos and sketches. The appropriation of images may be an infringement of copyright laws and illegal, as well as unacceptable in our gallery. If an artist is using borrowed images (appropriation of another’s work), the work must be substantially altered in order to be considered original and may require written consent.

Works created in classes or workshops are acceptable if created free from instructor manipulation and are not a result of copying a class/instructor exemplar. Individually created set-ups and original viewpoints are essential to originality. Please contact the Curator if you have questions.

Collaborative Works

Entries created by more than one artist are welcome. If all contributing artists are FCCA members, then the entry qualifies for the member entry fee. If contributing artists are a combination of member and non-member artists, then the non-member fee applies.


Carrol Morgan
C: 540-760-6928