Homecoming, Washington Avenue, work by Marcia Chaves (MG: September 2020)

Homecoming on the Avenue by Marcia Chaves. Students and faculty at James Monroe HIgh School enjoy the autumn ritual of Homecoming in the true sense of the word as they march from the modern facility to Maury School, the original home of Fredericksburg High School, founded in 1920. After a morning of dance, games, food and cancelled classes, students put the last touches on their class floats, the band tunes up, everyone begins the long walk down Washington Avenue for a raucous pep rally on the football field of Maury Stadium. Alumni and residents line up along the route to wave and cheer as they pass by the historic icons of our Fredericksburg community. – Mary Washington’s Meditation Rock, the monument to Religious Freedom, Kenmore, the statue of Hugh Mercer and the Confederate Cemetery (MG: September 2020)